Rhys Jones and justice: no, it has not been done; He is still dead. “Sorry” from the (real) murderers, who are the people who took our guns from us, is not enough.

David Davis

Rhys Jones’s father says “justice has been done”. I do not know what he thinks really, for one of my sons has not been murdered. One of his has. I could not want to be in his shoes, even if you gave me all the gold in the world.

The point being deliberately missed here by the dead-Tree-Press, the MSM, whatever you call it, is that none of this tragic stuff would have occurred if Stalinist socialist layabouts had not taken away the ability of the English People to be armed. 11-y-o boys would not walk in fear, in “Tockie” and “Crockie”, if their fathers had legally been able to teach them how to arm and protect themselves against socialists bad people their hired footpads, with guns, which all could have.

All this tragic stuff will go on until this matter is solved.

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