Israel and Gaza: Gordon Brown thinks “too many” have died. Gordon…how many are “just enough” as opposed to “too many”?

David Davis

I learn that Israel has launched an actual invasion. The problem with home-grounded enemies who attack you is that, eventually, you have to go to them, to take them out. We did, once. (If you read modern GCSE history “syllabuses”, we are beginning to be blamed, a bad sign.) But this is merely what Israel has done. Go now to http://pizzaidf.org and do your stuff then, since the guys need a drink and a snack.

While, as a libertarian, I regard war as a horrible statist solution to otherwise-intractable problems, and thus in this situation the only thing less bad than no war at all and the consequencesof that, I do wrestle with the dilemma, even in my dreams, of what to do about ultra-statists – which is to say, people like Hamas.

Hamas and others like them are imitation-person-troids who arrogate to themselves all the trappings of statehood, such as Mercs-for-Jerks, and rockets, and “ministries” of this, that and the other, while shallowly sloughing off all the concommitant responsibilities for people’s well-being and liberty chiefly, which they profess to care about. Such as for individual people’s needs and rights that high-statists claim to support but actually refute in practice.

Such person-troids are often egged on in their masturbatory megalomania by other person-troids, such as the government of Russia the USSR, the EU, the UN (what did you expect? Spaghetti from these dudes?)

It will get worse. I only fear that ShootinPutin187 will threaten something dire about the windpipe of Europe, and everybody will cave in and support Hamas before it’s too late for the buggers……and the whole thing will have to be done again, later and worse.


WHY has Hamas, and Gaza, got “no diesel” for its power station and pumping apparatus, and which has to be shipped in by Israel (which it brands its mortal enemy, and which it will wipe off the map given a chance) when  Hamas gets all that moollah from the EU all the time? What does Hamas spend its money on?



Five-storey-houses, for its “leaders” and their (four) wives?

Why not some diesel for its people? Even I could buy diesel if I wanted to. I’m sure Hugo Chavez would let them have some, for money, like he does to Castro the (other) murderer.


  1. Well, whatever, I don’t rate their troops or Generals anyway.

    They’ll likely get their asses kicked like last time round.

    Twats, why do they keep probing like some morbid child with a half-dead fly? Just find a Bismarck, break it’s back and be done with it.

    Personally though, I wouldn’t tolerate that. Square it off, make your intentions clear and bang on with it.

    Don’t tell me they’re not capable of it, hence;

    1. Every American endeavor in South America

    2. I am not talking about failure, I am talking about my supreme confidence in the British fleet … superlative ships, excellent equipment, the most highly trained professional group of men, the most honourable and brave members of her majesty’s service. Failure? Do you remember what Queen Victoria once said? “Failure—the possibilities do not exist”. That is the way we must look at it, with all our professionalism, all our flair and every single bit of native cunning, every single bit of professionalism and all our equipment and we must go out calmly, quietly, to succeed.

    Ayeup, 1:0

  2. “I do wrestle with the dilemma, even in my dreams, of what to do about ultra-statists – which is to say, people like Hamas.”

    You could deal with deam. Just use your imagination.

    But “dealing” with innocents (just think about the numbers of the innocent casualties!) is itself an act of terrorism.

    I wonder what is the difference between the acts of the hamas and the acts of IDF? At least the hamas is known as a terror organization to the west.

  3. Israel and Hamas, Peter x, are NOT morally equivalent. Man’s doings contain good and evil: skill and wisdom arrive through knowing which one is which.

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