After Gaza, something to cheer us up on a cold morning…..and a worrying update on war….

…and Malcolm Rifkind is surprisingly sensble, here. Although I don’t agree that “palestinians” are a people – they are a post-modern construct,  invented for socialist imperialist reasons, to combat Western-liberal-pluralist democracies in places where lefties don’t want them, such as Israel and Lebanon. Jordan will be next perhaps.

And this seems to be what people think here. I guess I’m in a minority of two then (read Guido, who has got >421 comments putting him in very hot water…I’m not supporting the Israelis because Guido does – but because I think they are doing the right thing.)

UPDATE:- An “immediate ceasefire”, so as to give the useless western “peace-bureaucrats” such as Gordon Brown abd Tony Blair (where is he, by the way?) something expensive and travel-fun to do, and which is to say, an “Armistice”, will not solve the problem. Hamas, and all its friends, whether they be in Westminster, on the BBC, in Brussels or Moscow or Washington, will still want Israel “wiped off the map” – eventually – so it’s no use for us all to pretend that “a resumption of the peace process” will solve the major strategic problem for either side – one that just wants to exist, and the other that wants it not to. Just wait and see.

In a war, there are two exit strategies. They are victory and defeat. Libertarians shun war, and rightly. If there were no Big-States, the probability and destructiveness of all wars would be lessened. I cannot tell how much, but it’d be a lot. Libertarians tend to invoke the principle of consent, which of course arises from discussion and negotiation – but wars happen when one side is asked to give up something which is non-negotiable, such as life. (I wanted that in red but wordpress won’t let me…)

David Davis

Some pictures of processor chips here. I didn’t know that the AMD latest quad-core has about 758 million transistors in it…..

…..but I hope Israel decides not to get off the pot this time, until the sad but needful job is done. What ungrateful sods Hamas must be, to whine when the power is turned off (apparently having been supplied by the enemy it’s trying to eraze. What absolute socialist ***** Hamas must be in their hearts – if they have any.) The link provides you wilthe normal daily dose of “Western” “Liberal” handwringing “opinion” and instructions to Israel to lie down and die. *****.


  1. The argument you offered is tainted and it smells like the stuff that’s in the so called “Pot.” Nobody is asking Israel to lay down and die. That’s hype to push the hate. In a domestic dispute the man and wife are wrong. When help arrives that help cannot take sides. The police must find the courage to confront two hostile forces and make them both stop. When they learn to respect each other, then cooler heads can sort things out. Under no circumstances would they be allowed to keep weapons in this house. Domestic situations that get out of hand force the police to take strong actions. Sticks and stones versus tanks and bombs? Somebody call the police?

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