And God saw what man had done in his hubristic wind/fart-turbine-ness, and lo, He Was Wroth

David Davis

And yea, verily did God smite the false turbines in His Anger, to teach Man a lesson about “fossil fuels” which God had Laid Before Man Without Let Or Hinderance.

And God said: “Men: why hast ye pandered, in despite of my strictures and manuals (RTFM) to the energetics of the Devil, when all you saddo buggers had to do was pump out of the ground the stuff I furnished you with?  C***s. ”

I’m sure that actually it’s due to the Flying-Spaghetti-Monster.


  1. You are kidding, arent’ you ?

    Just in case that you are not:

    If God put the oil in the earth he made also the wind to build turbines.

  2. NK:

    Pity, that G*d did not provide sufficient steady wind to make wind turbines a viable and economical alternative. Still, we cannot blame G*d for the silly ideas of environmentalists.



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