Slash parliamentary seats: good idea. Get rid of Labour “rotten boroughs” entirely….

…and ensure the right kind of permanent majority. (UPDATE:- It will also save a very very large sum, many millions, in “MPs’ expenses”… HAH !! )

HOW TO build a minimal-statist Britain from the bottom up:   part 3,142A/5  :-

David Davis

The first thing you have to do is abolish the concept of “safe” Labour seats in “inner cities” and the “Celtic Fringe”. I expect the Scotsnats can be relied on to demolish Labour in Scotland eventually, and then we can cut the place adrift unless it wants also to leave the EU with us –  but we can help by amalgamating small slum seats with few voters and lots of “constituency activists” who forge ballot papers and rig postal votes, into large slum seats with the same original number of activists, some of whom will get demoralised and piss off onto the dole (which we may stop) and so whose remainder will have less proportional effect. The voters will be less proportionally-well-represented, but for the time being most of them will not give a f***. They will still have their Foot Ball, and their flat screen wireless tele visions.

In line of course with “progressive” policies, while doing the above, you could get your Tory activists to “encourage” individual voters to “engage with the defining issues of Modern Britain today“, thus “individually aiding their ability to focus on the delivery of appropriate franchise policy“.

In the Bedford Conservative Association –  many, many years ago, we just called this “collecting old ladies and driving them to and from the Polling Station“, but the policy could be extended creatively.

The second thing you should do is what has been proposed here.

You could also vote for the LPUK, wherever it stands in forthcoming elections. It is making a pretty good stab at formulating a minimal-statist manifesto that makes sense. It is also the nearest thing we will get, being practical and realistic, to a limited-statist government in the next couple of hundred years.


    • It will be easier to infiltrate and subvert the Tory party apparatus than the ZanuLieborg one, Tony. Chris was originally right about this many years ago. We just couldn’t be arsed to do it at the time as we were all too busy and there were too few of us anyway.

  1. David!

    Please don’t plug the LPUK.
    This is not a libertarian party by any means.

    How does this fit in How Green is My Nazi doomer shite

    Dig through that manifesto carefully. Look for ideological principals – find any??

    See this sort of thing:

    “We will also ensure that local populations have a strong voice in planning decision making, and can resist moves by Authorities who may be attempting to push through a project that is not necessarily in the interests of residents.”

    or this

    “Encourage a framework for local residents to have first call on land sales/developments in their village/town to remove bias against local voluntary collectives building heterogeneous developments.”

    and this

    “Introduce legislation to bring all party political funding into line with the practice of the Libertarian Party—only donations from individual electors to be acceptable, preventing special interest groups from ‘buying’ political influence.”

    Get the picture yet?

  2. Dave:

    Taking over the Tory Party was an insanely misconceived idea. Introducing ideas to some of its members might have made more sense, but this could not be done without the ideas being identified in the public mind with bizarre eccentricity.

    Taking over the actual Party with actual people raised the very real problem of two-facedness. The Tory Party is the vehicle of about 5,000 privileged families who own and control most of Britain. The idea that they would let it be taken over by unelectable crazies who for the most part weren’t even libertarian is preposterous.

    In 1985, Thatcher ordered John Selwyn Gummer, the Party Chairman, to extirpate the “Libertarian Tendency”, ending the “Hundred Flowers” episode.

    Gummer and his chums in the Tory Reform Group (who were among the more tolerant Tories, let us recall) set to with gusto.

    Chris was always looking for short-cuts to _power_. But there are no such short-cuts. He was lured on by Ralph Harris’ promises of IEA Directorships; but this would never have happened. The IEA is the mouthpiece of Tory Crony-Capitalism.

    Is that really what Chris wanted to be?

    “He aimed low, and missed.”



  3. Tony,

    In 1979, we had before us a window of about 15 years, in reality, before the international left got its act together again, and put itself back by hijacking the Universities and other institutions.

    (It did, because everyone else in the country was busy getting a life again at last, and our backs were turned.)

    How would you have got (just one, even just one) nation onto a proper libertarian track inside 15 years, without hijacking a party – just like Tony Blair did to Labour in fact?

  4. In the short term, our first objective has to be to get Brown & Co out. i-Dave and his mates will be forced by economic realities to depart from New Labour’s policies. They will be forced to cut public sector spending like it or not.

    Our second objective has to be to get out of the EU. Once we are out all kinds of regulations and restrictions can be binned. More importantly those in power will have to start thinking for themselves. They won’t be able to fill their empty policy shop windows with expensive rubbish from Brussels.

    Our third objective has to be to destroy the progressive core of institutions, interest groups, international commitments, policies, etc. For example, liquidating, not selling off, the BBC has to be high on the list of priorities.

    At the very top of the list must be removing as much of the New Labour payroll vote from the electoral register as possible. Anyone longterm on benefits should not be on the electoral register, nor should they be counted in making constituencies roughly equal size. Also, most public sector workers should be removed from the electoral roll. I would leave the forces, the police, and such like on the electoral roll. ie Just the parts of the public sector necessary for the suppression of progressive trouble makers and terrorists.

    (I should say I am not trying to punish longterm claimants who have been led into this situation by a perverse set of mis-incentives. I am just recognising the reality that New Labour and their client groups have to be stopped from destroying our freedom, prosperity, independence and our very culture.)

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