How history will show that George Bush was right.

David Davis

Andrew Roberts will be proved right about Bush here. (UPDATE:- for the majority-commentariat who view Bush just slightly less positively than I do, Andrew Roberts is more famous than I am and makes a lot more (than no) money out of his opinions.)

And Bush was right here:-

I wonder if Keeley Hazell thinks he was right? I suspect not, since she has been on SkyNews telling everyone how she’s in favour of stopping climate change:

but like Andrew Roberts, she can tell people what to do:-



  1. The most anti-freedom president ever and he ‘was right’?

    The biggest spending president ever, and that’s all fine?

    Bush presided over the biggest increase in the US government and powers of the state since the New Deal (if not bigger).

    He sanctioned torture, detention without trial, spying upon US citizens without a warrant.

    He’s responsible for creating more hatred for the US and the west than anyone could have imagined.

    He’s ordered the murder of thousands of people.

    All okay though because they’re muslims? Or ‘anti-western’ or ‘leftists’ I suppose.

  2. Billy Joel is rolling over in his grave. How old is this video? Half of the stuff they’re talking about (unemployment, etc.) is just wrong.

  3. Dear Lord…

    Who is the intended audience for such an orgy of self-congratulation? George W. Bush is more modest…

    “Oliver North’s W…” ???

    Shome mishtake, shurely?

    After the “9/11” coup, Cheney was the de facto President. No, I don’t think that “Bush knew…”

    The scale of the tragedy can be seen by comparing Bush’s Second Inaugural Address with the subsequent reality.

    That, and a thousand incidents like it, is the true price of “9/11.”



  4. It seems that people don’t view Bush in quite as positive a light as I do. Never mind.

    Who would you all have had instead? Suggestions please, to be vetted by Al Gore and John Kerry first, and written on a piece of Flight 93.

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