Cash for laws – and you thought “cash for questions” was bad?


David Davis

I was shocked by this, but I am a normal human and easily shockable. I live in Lancashire, you see.

The Nazis New Labour crucified people called the Hamiltons, in the 1980s and early 1990s, for this. And now, the same Nazis as did the first lynching, do this. They do it by themselves, with no direction from anyone else. What bad people, or c***s, they must be, for their hypocrisy.

Bad people. Bad.

Naughty. Repent.

Before it’s too late.

We are angry with you.

If I wanted to buy a Law, which said that all socialists and crypto-Gramsco-Marxians should be deprived of the Franchise – on account of how they would skew the distribution of resources by the market  in their favour, and thus inevitably to the detriment of liberty, then how much would it cost me ot get this passed?



  1. Dave:

    The Hamiltons were common-or-garden Far Right Wing Authoritarians. I rather think that they were proud of it. Hamilton attended a meeting of the Italian Fascist Party. Another farcical ‘FCS’ vote-loser for the Tories. Is that why you support him?

    At least he showed the true face of the Tory Party. You could say that for him.


    PS: Julian Lewis should have known better.

  2. Where did I say I “supported” him, Tony?

    It’s merely that one lot of scumbags gets dragged through perdition, while the current lot does not. read your headlines for today also!

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