More moolah on “Cash for Laws” – see posting below.

UPDATE1:- Raedwald agrees, and says what the four buggers’ anticedents are.

David Davis

Guido Fawkes is of course right that (some) ordinary people assume that the  current British State legislature is entirely corrupt. The trouble is, there are not enough ordinary people to make much difference any more. Most people are extraordinary in that they watch the “News” on the Wireless Tele Vision at best (which as we know is Hello-magazine-like and unhelpful), read no News Papers – and so can get no non-centrist-cosensual-non-controversial-PC-views –  and indulge in no critical thinking as a result of that.

Reality-TV (an oxymoron) is too gripping.

We’ve been here before many times in our history. But it does not make this time any better. For your opportunity to throw rottin cabbages at the Hamiltons, please see the post below, where comments about them are accumulating and it will increase the value of the thread.

Used cars! Used cars!
Used cars! Used cars!

And this guy looks like he’s just out of “uni” – what does he know about the right behaviour when one is lording?


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  2. I think you’re dead right ordinary people do now the establishment is very
    corrupt, many are living in fright, they vote to change a government and things go from bad to worse, I don’t want to appear stupid, but no one
    really knows what to do apart from voting out governments, but this has
    proved to be a solutionthat does not work, we need a new political party
    and an end to westminister, even the middle classes are shaken by it all!

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