Ahhhhh… climate change truly is irreversible…..

….so we have to act even faster to reverse it….


David Davis


  1. I really don’t give a fig about climate change. I don’t believe the drivel that gushes out of government here in the US or the UK for that matter. Gosh! Only a 1,000 years to reverse it all. Golly! I thought it was 1,001 years, more fool me for being beguiled by accuracy of all this bogus equine manure.

    I just came back from New Hampshire, where they live free or die, and the snow was crisp and even, all 11″ in a few hours or so.

    So much scientism and so little science. I propose to get on with my life and ignore the casandra club.

  2. THE Howard Gray??

    What the Hell are you doing in New York? Bill Casey’s people offered me the Editorship of “Manhattan Reports” at $30,000 a year and I turned it down. I couldn’t face living in New York.

    Thank Heaven. I’d be complicit in the horrid crimes of Giuliani and Bratton.

    What we do about CO2 is this: we seed selected parts of the oceans with iron salts. This causes a vast proliferation of algae. The algae ends up feeding the fish, and it sequesters the CO2 in the oceans to be harvested by giant floating ‘refineries’, to be turned into biofuel. OPEC collapses. We get more badly-needed fish (a serious problem), and provide lots of new jobs.

    Algae is already being produced for biofuel.

    I sincerely doubt that anything we’re doing is causing ‘global warming’; but we might as well make constructive use of the furore. Lemons and lemonade…



  3. Dave:

    I should write a post “On Becoming a Non-Person.” It’s interesting, that the only writing of mine published by the LA is published by “the other” LA. Articles; essays; “Free Life” stuff: NONE of it published, by the command of “He Who Must Be Obeyed.”

    It’s fascinating, to see how the Stalinist pattern of “air-brushing” people out of “Official History” has been followed. My work is all over the Internet (for better or for worse). Around the world, even.

    But nothing in the LA Archives. Nada.

    Anyway, “Hi!” to Howard!



    “Mad, bad and dangerous to know.” >:-}

    (said by Shelley of Lord Byron)

  4. Perhaps airbrushing is a potential failing suffered by all intellectuals. Chris was certainly an intellectual, of the first water!

    I have airbrushed people out of my life who have in the past, say defrauded me of money (there are a at least two, and possibly three of these) or else who have displeased me in some trifling way or another. None of us is immune.

    I expect Stalin psychologically airbrushed Trotsky away, before finally remembering him and having him murdered.

    I’m not saying it’s good – it’s probably just something we do, consciously, because perhaps we live in a plane of existence where people are more real to us, even when absent – and thus more upsetting if (we think that) they have upset us in some way.

    Tony, pls email me privately (you know where!) to discuss what you could write for us here.

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