Not a bail-out

No, not at all, at all at all at all.

David Davis

Lord Mandyperson of Rumba of Rio, who I cannot find it in my heart to like or trust at all, although Tony my old mate insists he is very bright and interesting and I’d be charmed to have the bugger (sorry) to dinner***, is going to not bail out the UK car industry. What he has just found out is that all the workers live in Labour constituencies Pocket Boroughs, and if the same fate befalls their firms as did nearly Northern Wreck, then he’ll have some explaining to do in front of the Gorgon.

Can’t have the electorate labour voters suffering from our polices, now, can we.

***I’m sure he’d be charming to have as a dinner guest. I’d dispute amicably with him till Kingdom Come. The trouble is, I don’t know anybody else who likes or who trusts the bugger or who – more to the point – would turn up, if Mandy was scheduled to appear. He and I and Tony would have to scoff the grub ourselves.


  1. Well I for one would not resist be able to put your two new friends on the skewer, to give them the roasting they all deserve, then serve them to the dogs.

  2. Dave:


    What Thoightcrime have I committed, to so incense “UK Voter”?? Who izzit?

    I’m an English voter (though I can always buy votes elsewhere). >:-}



  3. UK Voter:

    Believe it or nit, I was instructed in how to operate one of these big Carriers by the US Admiral who commanded USS Ranger.

    Wonderful! >:-}

    I have his signed photo on my living-room wall…. >:-} Really!



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