Derek Draper gets tarred and feathered on YouTube, and Gaians are very very dangerous guys, and should be stopped…

…by a massive Geo-education project, starting before it’s too late and most of us die in this century because of their crackpot projects.

David Davis

I read this and was stunned. That real people might suggest such things, beats me. Hope we run out of money first (might do even that.)

And here’s Derek “Dolly” Draper, wannabe-arch-deliverer of the blogosphere to New labour, getting pilloried in the usual way:-

(Psssssst…..Why’s he called “Dolly”?)

The London Evening Standard (is it still called that I wonder?) cleans up the Derek Draper Degree Débacle.

The problem with the Left, and the blogosphere, one which they can’t get yet, is that broadly speaking those on the “right” are sharper and cleverer than those on the “left”. This has to be the case evolutionarily speaking, since all external threats to existence  – and even survival – have in general come from the “left”. Everybody round here knows and agrees that foxhunting for example increases the survivability and intelligence of the fox population. This is no bad thing for foxes.

To make a living in leftist organisations such as governments, the BBC, death-camps, the Police, quangos,  “local councils” Soviets and the like, one doesn’t have to be very smart: only to parrot the party line loudly enough in front of the right selectors, and to grass people up whom you have a thing about.

Furthermore, “rightist” bloggers on the whole seem to be a widely-read, classically-liberally-educated bunch of chaps, and even their off-the-cuffs seem statistically to be funnier and more cutting, more often.

The left takes politics and the Utopianising of civilisation too seriously. Yes, we do too, but not in that way. This very fine Jack Thurston article, (I do believe he is a socialist, but a rather sharp-witted one who can write well) hat-tipped via Guido Fawkes, sums up their problem nicely.

The left, to succeed in actually, really, really, madly deeply truly, winning the battles of ideas, has to lighten up and get out more. The trouble for it then, is that it will get mugged by reality and become conservative.

And, then what?


  1. Dave:

    In earlier years, and now, this was known as “Terraforming”, and was a staple of Science Fiction. and High Tech enthusasts.

    As Arthur C Clarke said: “Technology, when sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from magic.”

    From the article you cited:

    “Supporters of another approach, known as Oceanic Iron Fertilisation, believe that promoting the growth of algae should be our main objective, rather than just a side effect. According to Dr Victor Smetacek, of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Bremerhaven, Germany, the theory is that adding iron to the oceans will encourage algal blooms. When the algae die, they sink to the bottom of the ocean, locking away their cargo of carbon.

    There are plans to test this proposal off the island of South Georgia in the Atlantic. At the very least, Dr Smetacek hopes that large blooms of algae will act as food for krill, helping resurrect declining populations of squid and even some whales.”

    I and many others, support this project, with added emphasis on harvesting the algae to produce crude oil in floating refineries.

    This neatly solves several pressing problems: No more fuss about “Global Warming.” No more oil shortages — “Closing the Loop.” Bye-bye OPEC! Forget dependence on oil sheikhs.

    And the ocean food chain is revitalized, reversing the decline in fish stocks.

    Simply put: it’s a profitable business sector which will grow regardless, by selling its products at a profit. Nothing you can do to stop it. It’s already happening _on land_, where it’s nore expensive.

    We live on a beautiful blue-green planet. Some people call it “Gaia” from the Greek. Every other planet has a name — why not ours? We have no means of migrating to another one, even if we could find one nearby.

    “There is nothing in the world as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

    And many Gaians are women — including Olivia Newton-John.

    And you want to make even more enemies, and tar libertarians as planetary despoilers?? Try selling young people on that…

    Do you want to live in a market Garden, or a toxic hierarchical industrial waste-land?

    “He who goes against the Tao comes to an early end.” — The “Tao Te Ching “of Lao Tzu.



  2. No no no, Tony,

    These very, very, very dangerous and psychotic buggers are not taling about “terraforming”. They are threatening to “terra-deform”. I know all about terraforming because students ask me and so I teach it. I have known about it since you first introduced me to Adrian Berry’s books, particularly “The Next Ten Thousand Years”, for which I have always lived to thank you. It is a most important book.

    I don’t disagree about the the Iron thingy, as a nice idea.

    But at the moment I actually, really, anxiously, think we ought really really really to keep as much CO2 in the atmosphere as possible, since

    (a) its mean partial pressure is falling long-term, and

    (b) warm is better than cold, all things considered, and

    (c) the Sun is probably having a bit of a breather for a couple of hundred years, and

    (d) we don’t really know if either set of screaming mountebanks is right after all.

    So my advice is to _not_ listen to the hairy ageing-hippy-Lovelock types right now, and to keep pumping CO2 out back to where it originally came from, just in case it should fall to too low a partial pressure for photosynthesis – we need food like it’s going out of fashion anyway, there’s only 60 (ish?) days’ supply at any one time, average, and we should be sure.

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