Sean Gabb has often said that…..

…the “war on terror” is a thinly-veiled excuse to set up a Police State in the UK.

David Davis

I was initially not agreeing with this, thinking that the “terror” does actually exist, and was, is now and will in future be real, and is spoken of in public, with disarming frankness, by our civilisation’s enemies: often on the BBC in the name of even-handedness. But I am now coming round to Sean’s point of view.  However, IMHO the “terror” has not gone away, and anyway is just a tactic of a certain kind of war which is cheap to fight against the civilisation of a sleepy and drugged enemy, like the British population.

The problem is that most people, most of the time, don’t care enough about “terror”: in the absence of a real and immediate war, on the doorstep or overhead, it’s not really possible to keep up a sufficient state of stress in this day and age. I blame the government, its education policy (a real one, to dumb down people truly and on purpose), their friends in the broadcast media who work to this objective also, and i blame “people” themselves, for falling for it all and lying back (not) thinking of England.

Regarding terror, this state subsists for so long as they have been drugged into the statist stupor of thinking that “The Government” is “doing something” and “bringing in tougher laws”…it all sounds so as if someone is “in charge”…..so we can all get back to the latest Jade Goody stuff (poor woman, she’s dying, can’t be long now…please please put us all our misery out-of quickly, will someone (Yoda again)) and “Big Brother” and the X Factor, whatever that is.

The Devil, Peace be Upon Him, quotes from an article by Chris Dillow of Stumbling and Mumbling, focussing on the British Police State issue which is where I meant to come in. From tomorrow, it will be an offence in the UK to take photos of the Police.

(So you’d better not or else you’ll get your computer(s) seized. And your DNA forcibly taken and reverse-engineered – this I think is much worse than what it would mean for you children….who knows if they’re not going to try to clone suspect “extremists”, so they can then security-theatre-arrest them, in the years to come, thus reinfocing the fear of terror?)

There is a very interesting comment thread on the Chris Dillow article.


  1. Dave:

    Former MI5 chief Stella Rimimgton accuses Government of exploiting “terror” to create a Police State:


    Strikingly honest statement…

    [ FX: (APPLAUSE!!!”) ]

    The only point of “terrorism” is to alter peoples’ thinking behavior. If people cease reacting to it (while taking sensible precautions, like lockable cockpit doors) it becomes pointless and ineffectual.

    There were quite appropriate powers to deal with “terrorism” before the State embarked on the absurd and counterproductive “War on Terror.”

    Fool us once, shame on you: fool us twice, shame on us.


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