Objectivist libertarians like trains

The next one is what happens if you have full regulator, about 50% cut-off, and a too-thin fire:-


  1. Great trains!

    As a kid, I used to watch from my bedroom as the Golden Arrow sped past atop the embankment track.

    I wondered if the embankment could be internally excavated, with a “hinge-down” section of track which would enable the Golden Arrow to be annexed… >:-}

    BTW: The terms “Randian” and “Objectivist libertarian” are mutually exclusive…

  2. I thought they were the same.

    I have been going on about Randian Objectivists for years….and you never stopped me!

    But, who cares anyway? We’re all libertarian. not like the bloody f*****g Gramsco-Marxians, who’d kill each other as soon as kill any of us.

  3. Dave:

    Before you (or anyone else!) posts another word on this subject. read David Ramsay Steele’s fine review “Alice In Wonderland”: save yourselves a whole world of grief…


    Rand was a fine Romantic novelist and writer of screenplays: it may occur to you, that “Romantic” is the exact opposite of “Objectivis.”

    [ FX: “Some men see things as they are, and ask ‘Why?’ But I saw things that never were, and asked “Why not?” — Aeschylus ]



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