Rutger Engels, professor in developmental psychopathology at the Behavioural Science Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen…..

….has got one-hell-of-a-great title! It beats “Prime Minister”, or just “Professor”, hands-down.

He has said things like this. Go to The Devil and read the entire hilarious scam……it’s worth five minutes or so of your time.

The coming ban on  _all_  alcohol advertising  (initially only on TV, of course!) is, er, coming.

When alcohol is prohibited, a half-pint-bottle of gin is £150, a 3/4-litre whisky is £500 (and double in Londond, even if you can find a still-living pusher) and the Rule of Law is like Mexico ….. they STILL won’t listen, and will find the next thing to ban.

David Davis


  1. Dave:

    The operative wird is “Ban”, not ban.

    How else can the entire world’s Intelligence Agents (with all their SERE and border-crossing and money-laundering facilities) possibly obtain villas in Monaci, Ferraris, light aircraft, gin-palaces and high-class escorts without these “bans”??

    And they’re the eyes, the ears and the brains of the State…

    Or so the State seems to believe (smiles)



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