1. He was indiscreet enough to hint at the fact that Gordon Brown’s father was impotent, and the real pater to the PM could be any one of a cast of thousands, all of whom were the beetle-browed, larcenous, sub-neanderthal ginger mob species so prevalent in that giant council estate that occupies our most northern province.

    Dunno what all the fuss is about – nothing we hadn’t already worked out for ourselves.

  2. Dear X – Thanks for the information, I wasn’t about to buy the book to find out what the issue was.

    I can’t say that it makes any difference to how I feel about Gorgon.

    The big newsflash for me, was to find out that there had been paternity suits (sp?) against Marr!

    Now, once again, I don’t care that he’s straight or not. Being straight, I couldn’t care less whether, or not, he is.

    But, I just saw the little car he drives on the program and leapt to the wrong conclusion. I believe that it’s a prop, so they must be using it to make a statement…but what statement was I supposed to read into it?

    I don’t watch him as he is clearly incapable of anything more than a Richard and Judy interview of any of the government drones.

    Why do we pay for the BBC?

    The PM show last week (whilst OGL was in Washington) said something along the lines of “You’ll be reading it in the papers tomorrow, so we might as well tell you now…(blah blah blah about the non-love fest)”. Basically, “Gordy, we’re sorry about this, but we can’t bury it for you this time”.

    When I’m required to pay for this stuff by law, why can I not demand objectivity?

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