Jade Goody

David Davis

The kaleidoscopic and ever-unfolding horror, and living nightmare, of “modern Britain”, er, unfolds some more. It is like a bad dream, from which you wake to find reality emulating it. I blame “Princess” Diana, and Wireless Tele Vision, oh and #mce_temp_url#“education, education, education”.

This poor woman at the end of her life is fortunate in small ways. Her innocent boys, to whom no harm ought to come, will be well-provided for, for out of the ashes of evil comes sometimes unlooked-for good, and the cult of celebrity ensures that enough people will pay money to see private pictures of a tragic, and private, family event. 

I consider that to be awful, and a poor reflection on the tastes and proclivities of a once-great People.

But – even the most secular among today’s crop of “cool Brits” can bend round also to feel that at the end, God is all-powerful, benevolent and omniscient, as Leibniz thought some time ago. I have no objection to that at all, as a scientist,  for the purpose of Science is to ultimately know what is in The Mind of God. If an individual faced with the door through which we must all pass, wants to try and do that, then this is a gain.

But Max Clifford cares not a whit more for Goody than for any of his clients. You and I all know that: perhaps she does not. I still would not accept a free drink from the man.

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