Hate-leaflets against soldiers in Luton (of all places, who’d have thought it?)

UPDATE1:- Charles Moore in the Torygraph, 14th March 2009

Here. very sad, and probably paid for by the Gramsco-Fabians, who will, sadly I am sorry to say, simply have to go. (I don’t care where, just not anyhere on this planet where they could interfere any more with normal people.)

Libertarians are mostly, I find, against the UK’s involvement in war in Iraq for certain, and to a large extent against our being in Afghanistan too. As you all know, I have always found this position to be a strange one. But a libertarian government in the UK, which comes closer with every move the Enemy Class and its apparatchiks make against liberty here, will need armed forces, not least against what will turn out to be surprising and un-looked-for enemies. I could not begin to make myself name any here now.

Right now, I view trashing of the Armed services as an anti-libertarian act, to be remembered later. I hope we are not at Versailles, and then heading for Weimar, and what followed.


  1. Absolutely despicable. Rather than protesting legitimately against the government that lied to the population – that dared to claim that Parliament would have blood on its hand if it did not sanction the war – they are targetting those who signed up to protect their country. And one expects that the ‘authorities’ will make no move towards banning said leaflets, despite their hate-mongering rhetoric and incitement to violence; to do so would, presumably, be classed as an affront to community-cohesion-equality-diversity-multiculturalism.
    Such an approach is rather like finding a Trojan Horse outside one’s door and saying ‘oh yes, I’ll sign for it.’

  2. Another turkey votes for an early Xmas…

    So freedom of speech and publication has to go, right?

    What exactly are “our soldiers” defending? Pray do tell…

    Can they even _remember_ anymore who and what they’re supposed to be fighting _for_???

    Is it seriously suggested that “our” soldiers can handle bullets in the battlespace, but that they’re seriously wounded by silly bits of paper??

    Some of “our soldiers” tortured and murdered Irish fighters and British citizens in Northern Ireland: weird, that “our soldiers” and “our police” and “our Courts” kept on getting the wrong people and sending them to prison — recall “Lord” Denning’s infamous remark, that to acquit the ‘Guildford Four’ “… would open a prospect “too horrible to contemplate.”

    Meanwile, GCHQ would hear the IRA chortling “The Brits have got the wrong people — yet again…”

    Also meanwhile, MI5 were using the luckless kids at the Kincora Boys’ Home to sexually entrap Protestant politicians, turning them into terrified puppets…

    Theyre’s your “democracy” for you: MI5 handle all the “security clearances”; and hold blackmail deadlocks on ALL the politicians and senior media people and senior bureaucrats… And they all know it.

    Dame Stella knows more about Blair than Blair knows…

    A former Army tank driver stood in my living-room a few days ago, in response to a formal complaint of mine. He disinguously handed off the workload by saying “That’s the Council’s job” and/or “That’s a civil matter.”

    Malicious harrassment is a serious criminal offence, as is aiding and abetting it, and ‘misprision of felony.’ And even when it’s done by police officers and their “active informants’ for grossly unprofessional motives “under colour of law.”

    Special Branch are now sorting him out. He threatened to leave when I told him that he didn’t even begin to know the law, let alone even try to uphold it. I pay his salary; and the only reason to have him around is to defend my rights and lawful activities.

    Major Derek Jackson (Defence ‘Intelligence’ Staff and incompetent) fored me from the soi-disant “Freedom Association” for giving a presentation of libertarian ideas to a Heritage Foundation Summer School at Cambridge during my holiday. He stated in writing to “Lord de L’Isle that “… It may be said that we have neutralized the situation, as Hollick and Chris Tame are the most outspoken of the Alliance.” “Our soldier”?? “Defending freedom”?? WHOSE FREEDOM? I paid his Goddamn salary.

    The top warfighting solicitors in Bristol tell me: “You don’t need a solicitor, Tony: you need a _soldier_.” Hmmmm…




  3. It must always be remembered that our Armed Forces undertake the roles laid out for them by our political masters.

    The decision to enter into a war against Iraq and Afghanistan were political decisions, not military ones.

    When placed in harms way in this manner, our Armed Forces deserve our full support, for them it is a matter of life and death, for the politicians merely a matter of advantage or shame.

    It is the politicians we must punish, not the soldiers, it is the politicians who must be brought to book, not the soldiers who were doing what they were trained to do.

    It can only be the political decision makers who must carry the responsibility and the accountability for the use of the military.

  4. There should be no standing army – our liberal forebears saw this. A standing army is a tool of state oppression.

    As for those who voluntarily join the military – what makes them any less culpable than someone who becomes a mafia hit man?

    They both go into the job knowing full well that they will be ordered to kill people and not to ask any questions.
    There is no difference, except that state backs one and does not back the other – a difference which to a libertarian makes no difference.

    You also sound like you’re advocating doing away with opponents – just like the authoritarians you oppose. That is not libertarian in the slightest and no libertarian society would do that (a community may decide to send someone to coventry – but that’s not the same as using force against those you disagree with)

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