Carbon mess: George Monbiot steps in.

Monbiot puts his foot in carbon mess  
Date: 10/03/2009 17:13:59 GMT Standard Time
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The dreadful George Monbiot, the climate change maniac who dominates the even worse Guardian’s reporting of the subject appears to have shot himself in the foot today.    
He did a feature of 10 prominent people attending the New York meeting including Christopher Booker, whose piece on the subject on Sunday I sent out as “We’re all  mad – – – NO; not us – THEM”
Cleverly produced as 10 playing cards with (unflattering) portraits he the gives a mini-biography.    Since I heartedly agree with almost that these prominent people have said I’ve down-loaded the biographies and reproduce them below! [minimal editing! -cs]  
GUARDIAN 10.3.09
George Monbiot’s top 10 climate change deniers
David Bellamy
TV presenter
David Bellamy has claimed that global warming is “poppycock”, that “the global warmers are telling lies – carbon dioxide is not the driver”
Christopher Booker
Sunday Telegraph columnist
Booker writes a column in the Sunday Telegraph. It’s filled with so many misleading claims about climate change
Melanie Phillips
Daily Mail columnist
Mel P (Genuinely Scary Spice) claims that “the theory that global warming is all the fault of mankind is a massive scam based on flawed computer modelling, bad science and an anti-western ideology … The majority of well-meaning opinion in the Western world believes a pack of lies and propaganda”
James Inhofe
Senator for Oklahoma
Inhofe is the senior Senator for Oklahoma. In 2003 he delivered a speech to the Senate called The Science of Climate Change, in which he said: “The claim that global warming is caused by manmade emissions is simply untrue and not based on sound science … With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that manmade global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people? It sure sounds like it
Sarah Palin
Governor of Alaska
During her vice-presidential campaign, she embarrassed John McCain by maintaining: “I’m not one though who would attribute it [climate change] to being manmade.” She has refused to classify the polar bear as an endangered species  [Could this be because it ISN’T?]
Christopher Monckton
Former adviser to Margaret Thatcher
Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, whose academic qualification is a classics degree, maintains that “politicians, scientists and bureaucrats contrived a threat of Biblical floods, droughts, plagues, and extinctions worthier of St John the Divine than of science.”
Prof Pat Michaels
Cato Institute
 “When it comes to global warming, apparently the truth is inconvenient. And it’s not just Gore’s movie that’s fiction. It’s the rhetoric of the Congress and the chief executive, too”
Steve Milloy
Fox News columnist
Steve Milloy writes a weekly “Junk Science” column for Fox News, which he uses, among other topics, to pour scorn on studies documenting the medical effects of secondhand tobacco smoke and showing that climate change is taking place. His website claims to be campaigning against “faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special and, often, hidden agendas”
Václav Klaus
President of Czech Republic
Klaus is the rightwing president of the Czech Republic. Climate change, he says, is caused “not by human behaviour but by various exogenous and endogenous natural processes (such as fluctuating solar activity)”. He describes concern about climate change as a “new wave of dangerous indoctrination of the whole world” and says that “global-warming alarmism is challenging our freedom, and Al Gore is a leader of that movement”
Sammy Wilson
Northern Ireland environment minister
Sammy Wilson’s appointment as Northern Ireland environment minister appears to have been conceived as some sort of practical joke – but it’s no longer very funny. Wilson maintains that environmentalism is a “hysterical pseudo-religion”. Climate change is natural and “beyond our control”, so “resources should be used to adapt to the consequences of climate change rather than King Canute style vainly trying to stop it

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