Very good analysis of how Leila Deen has damaged the immediate future of liberty in UK…

…by “And there was me thinking” ….

David Davis

Perhaps that’s what Deen intended to do all along. I have always said these people are dangerous and know exactly what they are doing, and that we will see more of them and worse. Libertarians will have to have a policy about what should be done with such people after victory. I cannot imagine sharing a planet with them: some other solution will have to be found.

The woman in the Daily Mail is particularly bad, and ought to know better. Perhaps she might like to live inNnorth Korea. For ever. Like some have to do.

And, to round off, what a load of feminazi crap from Rowenna Davis at the Grauniad, about the “bloke-o-sphere.” Thanks to “And there was me thinking” for hat-tipping me off to this fem***z* august woman journalist. Perhaps it’s that males are just more intellectually and literarily creative? We can’t fabricate babies, you lot have to do that for us (and yourselves, don’t forget that, ever): so we write more, and harder, and faster, and with more exquisitely crafted anger feeling instead. The pen is mightier than the p**** I guess.

Here’s what Green Daily thought.


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