I blame the Fabians, and Telly, for this: also beards, Islam, the Police, and manufactured Gramsco-Fabian racist incidents

…..for this.

David Davis

And this. It is a grand beard and he should be pleased that we notice it. The bugger must have grown the thing on purpose, it can’t have got onto his face by accident. And it knocks Karl Marx into a cocked hat. Much much better. Good stuff, wish I’d had the patence and the limitless budget for shampoo.

But if I was his wife, and I still was of the age where I had to be shagged by him, then he would either have to cut it off entirely (beards and hominid sex do NOT go together, no , not) or I would leave him: the alternatives would be repellent.

The English people notice noticeable stuff about their friends by lampooning them. that is how surnames evolved. The sooner this bugger learns that, and fits in, humouresquely and psychologically, the better he will get on with us here, and the more pints we shall buy him in the pub.

Of course, if he’s been specifically put in, to the Police or anywhere else, as  Gramsco-Fabian plant, by the Gramsco Fabians or their even fouler and even less-cultured friends the Gramsco-Marxians in Universities (most of which will just have to go) to create an institutnioally-racist-incident, or whatever the bastards and other embedded socialist psychopaths among us call this stuff now, then the situation is different.

Then, I would say that he is deemed to be part of the enemy personnel but wearing Allied Uniform. He is a “plant”, and then knows what risks he runs. See “Battle of the Bulge” and “Skorzeny”, on Wikipedia. See what happened to poor Germans captured in US uniforms behind the lines (we are _ALL_ behind the lines, in today’s Gramsco-Fabian Britain: that is what gives it the potential tone of a coming Civil War.)

This poor, and probably used, man should very very quickly find out who his real friends are (please could he google http://www.libertarian.co.uk and http://www.lpuk.org … now please! ) and stop allowing himself to be used as a pawn by the evil and wicked British-Gramsco-Fabians, before it’s too late to save him and his innocent family.


  1. So, I joined the Chinese police force and, one night, we’re out patrolling and the van stops at a chinese takeaway because, y’know, most of the takeaways in China are chinese, and so I said, hey, I don’t like chinese food, you ought to realise that because of my union jack tee-shirt, can we go and get some bacon and eggs? so the other chinese policemen they said, no, you’re in China you twat, have a fucking chow mein like everybody else is having, or some prawn balls, or try the sweet’n’sour, it’s fucking ace, so I said, no, I’m fucking english and I want some fucking bacon and eggs, and then they fucking laughed at me and told me to shut the fuck up, the racist bastards.

  2. He looks like a displaced Amish or Mennonite. Maybe he could sell some fabulous home churned butter and smoked meat products and raise a barn or two.

  3. I find it incredibly hard to believe that he didn’t really realise everyone would burst out laughing at such a ridiculous and fake looking bears. He must have looked at himself in the mirror having trimmed his mustache off and regretted not trimming it into a Colonel Sanders style goatee?

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