Are the Righteous getting panicky? Buy this to scare the shit out of them

Buy this:-

Here. Here’s a shot of it:-


David Davis

And panicky Righteous (The Nazi lefty Fabian scumbags, who got up on the roof while our back was turned?)?

Yup, possibly, from “and there was me thinking…..”

Interesting snippets coming out of there: will check back every so often. She must be reading Legiron.


  1. Thank you mummylonglegs…..

    I just think this gizmo is so, well, the next thing, don’t you know? The lefties will simply quail before it, I mean a video-surveillance cam is just so naff, and well, sort of lower-class.

    Even rubber models of it would do. you don’t even have to show the pic to the police, coz you can’t anyway.

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