1. We get rid of Ashcroft; we get rid of CheneyCo; and there’s already bleating concerning OBAMA???

    Tell us, do, what is supposed to replace him…



    PS: You’re not a closet Nixonite, are you, Dave???

  2. Dave:

    Oh, I SEE!!!

    To have your reputation “enhanced by History”, all you have to do is to abolish the convertibility of US paper dollars into gold; install Wage and Price Controls, put in place a nationwide 55 mph Speed Limit, sell out allies in South Vietnam AFTER stealing an election posing as a hard-liner, get into bed with Henry Kissinger (who NSA and CIA considered to be a Soviet asset on the basis of signals intercepts — not rumour.

    Everything that Nixon touched turned to crap. His left-overs have pisoned American politics for years. Loathesome. Don’t look at what he says; look at what he _did_

    Good Goddamn Riddance…

    And shame on you for ever thinking of him as in any way worthy. He wasn’t. He was a paranoid power-hungry vdictator who betrayed everything America stands for. And Kissinger Associates Managing Director nearly lo9st Iraq for us, until even CheyneyCo kicked him out.



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