The ZanuLieBorg British State hates poor people….

….and it is probably privately still “utterly relaxed about people getting filthy rich”….(was it Mandelson or Blair said that? Does it even matter?)

…and “And There Was Me Thinking” has noticed what I have noticed too. She, however, views the interfering State medical-Gramsco-MarxiaNazis in a slightly less positive light than I do.

David Davis

…but we have, just in, “Price of Alcohol could double”.

It’s bad enough for wretched stalinised poor people, who are those who mostly smoke, being charged 25p (about 0.22 Euro or 16 cents US) for a fag, and who have little else in the way of worthhwile pleasures in life except horrible nasty lefty State Tele Vision (for which they also have to oay the BBC regardless.)

Make their alcohol – probably the only other thing that’s nice in their sad lives that they have left –  double the price, and it will do nothing but drive more petty crime in the direction of nicking the stuff.

Intelligent people, such as big crime bosses, will also get into the act of fermenting and distilling hooch on a large and untaxed scale. Does the Government really want that? Does the NHS really want the fallout from that – both in crimestats and secondary health effects?

UPDATE1:- The Landed Underclass explains trenchantly why the ZanuLieBorg GramscoNaziNannies don’t understand economics. It’s why their only pretence at a “Reich” failed, after all: RIP 1917-1991.

UPDATE2:- The Remittance Man demolishes the AlcoGramscoNazis mathematically. Do go read the whole thing.

UPDATE3:- Legiron does a comprehensive fisking job on Lamebrain Donaldson too.


  1. I’m actually thinking of teaching classes up here in Scotland how to make your own vodka. Should attract some visitors even if the vodka culture isn’t as well spread here as in my birth nation.

  2. It’ll probably just make things worse. I haven’t really frequented pubs since the smoking ban, because I can’t stick going outside every half an hour in the freezing cold. The upsides are that pubs are generally cleaner places to be in, and it is much easier to attempt to stop smoking while going to the pub. Apart from on your way in or out maybe.

    But it’s generally cheaper to stay at home with a few bottles, and I can get the equivalent of £25 worth of pub ale for about £10 from Asda, which saves loads in the long run. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the motivation for this price hike. Pubs are going under one after the other, they’re losing revenue because of that, so they’ve got to tap into the supply chain somewhere else.

    It’s got fuck-all to do with what’s good for anyone. If it did, they’d regulate the brewing process such as the German Rheinheitsgebot, to make it healthier.

  3. They don’t like pubs, ZanuLieborg don’t. It’s where people _might_ go to conspire, say, against “New Labour” – to discuss, say, why not to vote for them.

    It’s public, it’s difficult for State spooks to hang out for a long time without getting noticed by the Landlord. Why they’re nursing a bitter lemon for three hours, say, on their own, while twittering with some electronic stuff under the table….

    Yep, difficult to tab people in pubs. Gotta close most of them then.

    But wait!
    Then you run up against the Joseph Mengeles and the Gramsco-MarxiaNaziDoctorists, and the Carys Davises (no relation I am pleased to be able to say) who want alcohol to be £56,050 per “unit”, which will “reduce binge drinking by 7%…among young people”…. (who exactly do people belong to, you want to ask?)

    So, having closed down the pubs, and driven all booze sales to the supermarkets or wherever, they have to get the taxation-loss back somehow.

    They’ve also lost all the “business and corporation taxes” that the now-ex-pubs used to pay.

  4. When the State is after more Social Control, it doesn’t usually count the cost (to itself or other people).

    All this, to protect 5,000 very rich families in keepoing their ill-gotten fortunes; and to give bossy b*stards more opportunity to boss people around.

    Almost all this preposterous “ZanuLaBorg” type chatter dangerously misleads people away from the true reasons for our discontents, namely:

    The foolish and dangerous ostentation of the rich:

    The widespread resentment at the country being run for the interests of profiteers and speculators, who are consuming Western economies like carrion, presumably because they will be able to buy everyone else’s property for fire-sale prices, then hype the economy back up when they own all or most of it.

    No different from “Nationalization.”

    A few powerful people get more rich and more powerful, and fear losing their ill-gotten gains so greatly that they live in walled communities with locked iron gates (like Mordor), and use the “New Class” as their Lieutenant Class.

    False-flag ‘terrorism’; useless police forces we’d be better off without (dozens of serving police officers have directly corroborated this):

    And people like Thatcher and Blair toadying to subservient to the worst elements of the US Empire (which has nothing to do with America the country or America the people) while getting rich from doing it.

    At least Obama is “Empire Lite.”


  5. I have fond memories of pubs, especially when I was late teens/early twenties, it was a cultural sanctuary for me and my mates. Here I go, twenty-seven and I feel forty. I really do sometimes.

    We still meet up in the pub down the road every few weeks, but I can taste the difference of the ale in there compared to what you get in the supermarkets.

    The prices as well. I ordered a pint of Stella and when he told me the price I told him to leave it, as quite frankly I’d sooner put a fucking deposit down on Warwick Castle for the same price. Highway robbery, that’s what it is.

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