Labourlist Tory Logo Generator censored later: Good fun from Guido

UPDATE!!:- Fancy that! censoring __ALL__ the content of the public part of your own website, ‘coz you didn’t like it up yours!

David Davis

http://torylogo.com/ go and try it!

The gallery button is really fun, specially now that Guido has found it and we’re all on, all the time.

And this is nice and suspicious…all the gallery disappeared just now and this is what they put up:-


This is Google’s cache of http://torylogo.com/gallery.php. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 14 Mar 2009 23:12:31 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more

Text-only version


Go back and make a new logo!

Here are the logos people have already made

We, like Labour themselves, believe in freedom of speech. We aren’t going to delete things because we don’t agree with them. Go wild and have fun.

Gallery cleared at 19:30 on 14/03/09 because we now generate a large and small image to reduce load times. Sorry if we removed yours, just add it again for it to appear!

They most likely did this, because (a) we in the Classical Liberal Blogoshpere are sharp and all got on first, and (b) they need to round up some lefties to post what they wanted in the first place. So they had to clear out the 4,989,742 satirical posts, to make it look like people like socialism for a fourth term.

There will be 189 pro-labour slogans by tomorrow morning. And three carefully-chosen pro-Tory ones, not showing a lot of wit.

….or perhaps we merely crashed their servers.


  1. 21:50 16th March and no sign of the gallery anywhere .. .. .. .. I think they might be offended .. .. .. in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they, to quote from Laboulist, ” tried to put an end to the fun, taking the site offline after discovering ‘Labour supporters have a fair bit of wit about them.'”

    Such thick skins and long memories they have [/end yoda]

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