Polar Bears….Going,Going,Gone (well, any day now, says the Green Nazis since 1973)

Fred Bloggs.

Conservationists are now saying (as they have been for many, many years) that polar bears are going to die out, no doubt caused by those bastard capatilist pigs, with their eight weel drive, twenty gallon to the mile, armour plated ( to protect themselves from the true defenders of humanity, Greenpeace), bulldozing assault vehicals. Not to mention the huge “fossil fuel” fires that they burn to “produce elecricity” (I know that they use them to incinerate african orfans, nuthin gets past me), as well as all those forests that the destroy for their own amusement. 

I’m sorry, i got a bit caried away there, i’ve had a cup of coffee ( makes me turn a bit leftie)….okay i’ve calmed down now.


Eskimos are to be stopped from hunting polar bears.
Eskimos are to be stopped from hunting polar bears.

Anyway, as i was saying, the Conservationists are saying that since the ice caps are melting due to global warming, all the polar bears are going to drown, explode, or fly away and get shot down by american F-16s.

But since nobody is listening to the Green Nazis they’re now saing that, due to global warming, there will be a third world war and that southern europe will turn into something like the sahara (not necessarily a bad thing, that would wipe the smiles off the French).

In the face of all this i’m just waiting for the goverment to bring out a “95% of all your money” tax to “prevent global warming.”


  1. They’d really like all of it actually – but don’t feel they can get away with the demand right now.

    You might be interested, Fred, in the “Laffer Curve”. There’ll be data in the usual sources I’m sure – it’s a theory that broadly goes….if you tax people less as a proportion, your tax take will rise in absolute money terms, since more and more people find it un-necessary to try to avoid the (smaller and smaller) taxation load.

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