Libertarians should be preparing for a victory over statism in 2012…

…in one of the countries that matters and is still “nominally” “free”.

David Davis

There are several blogs out there devoted to this enterprise. Here is one.  Written by a powerful and incisive libertarian analyst. Much is going on down, in the destruction of Barack Obama’s reputation for “being able to govern”, which will continue apace. More needs to be said by the substantive blogs available now and with long histories.

Not that we really, as libertarians, want people to govern other people. It’s like, just sort of expected right now, that someone will do so. Bummer. Ultimately, it would become un-necessary: the State could indeed wither away.


  1. Well, he’ll get his four years. Other than Ron Paul’s polices I don’t see what any mainstream President would be able to do about America’s problems. At least by then the whole thing should be on the road to recovery.

    I hope Dr Paul is in good health and willing to run in 2012 anyway.

  2. No government will ever roll back the state. Reagan didn’t despite his rhetoric, Palin certainly would not.
    Perhaps Ron Paul would try, but there would be so much resistence that I doubt he’d get that much done. He’s never going to be elected anyway.

    I increasingly think that its long past time that libertarians ignored trying to get elected, it only strengthens the myth of democracy.
    The intellectual pursuit of the LA has a lot of value, but instead of electoral politics the building of alternative non-state institutions is needed.

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