The most famous person in the world…..

…..has died. It was expected, it was inevitable, it was sad. I guess Obama might have deigned to say something, but he didn’t.

David Davis

But it “reverberates across the nation“. Thank you Max Clifford. I blame “Princess” “Diana” personally. It was ‘er wott dunn it, with MI5 and Prince Philip.

The ephemeral mass-media-elevation of temporary human objects of interest, to the status of Semi-Divine Beings, is not something I think would play very well in a libertarian society, if and when one comes about. We are all individuals, and poor Jade Goody’s sad death is really, and ought to be, a private tragedy that involves her family and friends, of whom it is pleasing to note that she has some.

The fact that this elevation takes place is imho related to the purposeful degrading of education of – and thus the reach of comprehension and horizons of – people, by ZanuLieBorg (UK-subdivision of Gramsco-FabiaNazi stultification-programme number 2/b.)

What Mark Steyn (who he?) called a few years ago on the Diana thingy “the forced collectivisation of grieving” was, is and will continue to be, harmful to individual liberty.

Jade Goody’s sad end is no more or less deserving of sorrow than mine, or yours, or Chris Tame’s who died three years ago on 20th March 2006.

And here’s the sinking brown, doing his bit:-

Prime Minister Gordon Brown led the tributes among public figures.

He said: “I was deeply saddened to hear the news of Jade Goody’s death.

“She was a courageous woman both in life and death and the whole country have admired her determination to provide a bright future for her children.”

That’s fine about her children: they are innocent, and in the same sad position as any who have suddenly lost one or both parents at a young age. But it’s just not “tasty” that it should be the state’s business, even a “libertarian state”, to comment on individual tragedies.


so I guess “Jack Tweed” has now had hhis 15 minutes of fame, and willhave to go back in chokey then?


  1. That about sums it up, the woman herself I have no problem with, she’s procured a better life for herself and her children without going cap in hand to the state (although she did get lucky getting picked for BB in the first place) but the media coverage has been disturbing, and the people who have obsessed about her slow passing have been, imo, ghoulish.

  2. Explain “purposeful degradation of education”. Do you mean that the state has the power to make people clever?

  3. I’m not sure why, but Jade’s death has really upset me. It envokes in me quite strong feelings of nihilism toward life and the world.

    It’s a bit like that banned TV advert for a games console in which a newborn baby is fired out of the window at great speed, and after aging to an elderly man is shot into a grave. The caption was something like ‘Life is short. Play more.’

    I can’t explain it, It’s morbid, I know. But the inevitability of it, troubles me.

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