Anger at statists: thoughts for a Saturday night trying not to pay attention to Eurovision LOL

David Davis

It’s true. I lie awake at night sometimes. During this time one cogitates, and one wonders about the sort of people that want to become in charge of bullying others, via what they call “laws” or “statutes” , but which mostly bear no resemblance to Natural Law at all. The bullying is ostensibly promoted as being for “your own good”, but as J S Mill stated, this is “not good and sufficient reason”. But what motivates a human being to be a Statist, and then, worse an employee of the same? And then, n the end, what ought we do do to deter this kind of behaviour afterwards?

One day, far in the future but sadly not now and not in the waning afternoon of my life, some country’s electorate somewhere will elect a reasonable libertarian administration. I don’t think it will be here. This is of course despite the youthful ardour and enthusiasm shown by the admirable LPUK, which is eminently worthy of your support. Perhaps it will be somewhere in Chindia: I do not know. Or even Argentina or  Brazil, or parhaps Iraq or even Russia? (A long shot, that last one.) Miracles have been known to happen.

But there remains the problem of what to do about people, probably a large number, who  consciously and on purpose believed, and will continue to believe, in the role of a State being large and powerful. Many of these will not be persuaded in the slightest by the evidence around them of the superiority of Classical liberalism. Obviously, many if not all departments of State will be closed down, their rcords all destroyed, the buildings sold or demolished, and the “staff” turned out into the street to survive or starve as destiny dictates. But you can’t change the minds of some of these people overnight: they will suffer “We Wuzz Robbed” moments.

One would be willing I suppose, as Sean Gabb always advocates, the forgiveness of many – mostly those in very minor positions – who may well decide to publicly abjure their former beliefs, or as will often be the case, recognise their failure to self-articulate the case to themselves for what they were previously doing to others. But To save trouble later, the non-return of fascism as a meme has to be ensured. It must be associated with personal shame, deep perversion, unfathomable wickedness and shocking deviancy, for so long into the future that there should be no memory of it or wish to re-adopt it.

Here’s a draft list of measures to be appplied to the recusants:

(1) No appearance in public without a bright yellow, high-visibility-jacket of the type beloved of |Statists, which says on the back “Former Bureaucrat”.

(2) Must carry an approved form of identity at all times, which may be demanded summarily by  anybody at all who’s not obliged to wear one of the above jackets. Approved identity can only be obtained by not having been a bureaucrat previously.

(3) Must be made to sign the Bureaufenders’ Register for varying periods to be decided (Brown will be on it for life. Castro will sign the list posthumously, which can be done now.)

(4) Will not be allowed to venture within 150 feet of ordinary human individuals.

(5) Will have to inform the Police of any address change on pain of a fine (oh, sorry, I’ve just realised the Police won’t have such a range of powers any more…)

(5) Non-statist individuals will have the right to demand the addresses of former bureaucrats who live locally (for the children.)

(6) No puchases allowed without the presentation of approved identity. Special shops more than 150 feet from where people are present will have to be set up (see (4) above.)

(7) Any travel will have to be on “integrated public transport systems”, which of course will be not required, and must be applied for in advance in triplicate stating reason for journey. No cars, bicycles, motor bicycles or any air transport whatsoever will be allowed. They’ll have to go on the bus, but not with other people.


  1. Dave:
    Are we not at risk (perhaps?) if becoming that which we are fighting AGAINST?

    I’m leaving for the Deep South of the USA for…..

    Well, we shall see.

    I’ll post the text of of my Complaint(s) to the IPCC if sean will OK that. Multiple addaults; torture; brutal inmterrogationsl threats to have me “certified” — all sorts of grossly illegal behaviors, meticulously documented.

    I have work to do; work which must not be obstructed by a bunch of woodentops…

    BTW: My beautiful Volvo 480 was near totalled in a head-on crash on a roundabout a few days ago. No injuries mych, except for damage to my car and the renailt Clio, I steered for its front wheel, and smashed its’ suspension. My Volvo was more severely damaged.

    So it’s political asylum for me, rather than the risk of fixed-up incidents whihich might serve as a one-wast trup to the Funny Farm…

    I see that a soi-disant “Justice Minister” has quit:

    [ FX: “One more down, and still so many to go…” ]

    Tony, writing via Westernesse…

  2. I hope this is a bit tongue in cheek. Much as I like the idea of those who’ve been a part of or supported the big state getting theirs I have to agree with what Westernesse said – it’s a bit too close to the sort of thing that is so objectionable about big state interference in individual lives now. Then there’s the slight problem that a no doubt genuine shame is felt by most of modern Germany for their experiment with fascism several decades ago, yet far from ensuring it never recurs this has directly led to the loss of free speech for anyone who questions the government’s version of events. I don’t have much time for Holocaust deniers but those who, in the name of being anti-fascist, take fascist action against those they decide are fascists aren’t any better.

  3. Perhaps when our Statists here realise (if they are capable) the extent to which they have taken the piss out of us, and delivered their taking of it with concentrated and malevolent wickedness directed towards us and our civilisation, they will sit down and think.

  4. I do not want to have such thoughts as I have articulated, but in wondering how and why a human being willingly chooses to enslave others, I come to the conclusion that it is done on purpose.

    It is not even “an error” of the sort that our MPs are feverishly claiming that most of their expense claims were. Its motivation is the pure decision to be like that and to do it, like crime.

    I feel that a certain measure of Purgatory is needed: something at least, to make the point to them.

  5. DD give it up. You will never change them. They will never understand. They are fundamentally flawed and damaged individuals. The revenge that you propose would not work. They would not see it as punishment. Your only real revenge would come when these people are forced to live in a free society where they have to make decisions for themselves and take responsibility for their actions.

    Living without the guiding hand of the state would be the best punishment. Some may have an epiphany and realise their depravity but most would just spend their lives in in frustrated and confused anger that they are unable to make other people their slaves again.

  6. *************
    I do not want to have such thoughts as I have articulated, but in wondering how and why a human being willingly chooses to enslave others, I come to the conclusion that it is done on purpose.

    One of the most vocal and active quacks of Canadian ‘human rights courts’, a curious individual whom courts absolved from the sin of curtailing free speech because all complaints he files are routinely accepted [hint: Himmler would qualify in his time], has been caught posting -under many aliases- venomous tirades on supposed ‘hate sites’ to inspirit people out of the closet so he’d have a couple more ‘haters’ for his weekly report to his wire pullers; he has been barely reprimanded for it.

    Now let’s ask what would this ‘fantastic champion of antifascism’ do if the tide turned?
    After all, he’s well used to publish terribly offensive comments and conspiracy theories about you-know-whos…
    Maybe -just maybe- his passion for control & abuse would supersede his minimal inhibitions to harm you-know-whos…

    Interesting enough, Himmler enlisted ‘experts’ from existing surveillance structures of the Weimar Republic (socialdemocratic & liberal ) to create his own secret police…
    After WWII several ‘Nazi experts’ were recruited to contribute IN TOP POSITIONS to intelligence, science and military in various countries.
    Americans bent over backwards to secure the services of a Japanese general expert on chemical warfare, famous for Mengele-like experiments on prisoners.
    Officially big brother claims these “former enemies” to be a few dozens of non-committed scientists…some, however, swear they saw entire rooms packed floor-to-ceiling with the whitewashed dossiers of fascist “experts”…after whom very distressed, vocal and resourceful ‘memory fighters’ never went…by sheer chance, what else?

  7. maybe we could buy an island out in the middle of the pacific, steralise them, and leave them to enslave and spy upon each other to their heart’s content until they shuffle happily off this mortal coil.

  8. Of course, we may have to go…

    There may come a day when courage and fellowship fail, and the Age of the Men of the West comes down in an avalanche of wolves and shattered shields …



    We may have to go; but if we do, we will take ALL OF THEM WITH US…..

    Men and Women of the West…



  9. “We just can’t interrupt the Circus
    We can’t stop the Show
    Where would all the Lion-
    And the Tiger-Tamers go?

    For ‘The People’ paid their money
    And they get what it is worth
    And it may not be much
    But it’s the Greatest Show on Earth…” — Bill Danoff

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