Can you name this man?

David Davis

Noce dress hes got on
Nice dress he's got on


(Stuck that in ‘coz I thought the other link had been deleted.)

I could not until The Devil tipped us off. That’s not a woman, pull the other one, it’s a man who works in the public sector, and he’s wearing a blouse or 1950s dress which he got out of a charity shop while nobody was looking, and his hair’s a bit long and he’s not brushed it for a couple of days (so it must be a man then.)

Why is it that so many, many people who work for totalitarian organisations, (such as ASH) look like the oily undersides of gearboxes? Could it be the result of not getting enough sex? I do not know.


  1. God damn it, you know that we are going to have to persuade at least some of the females to play along or this libertarian thingy is going to go NOWHERE. And — we will just have to agree to let me be right on this one, I’m afraid! — we do have a little-boys-wanking-undertone-in-the-treehouse-on-our-knees-in-a-circle-JUST-to-piss-off-Mummy, you know, that I imagine really does not help. It’s fine…in small doses, we ARE like that. Unless you run into the occasional tomboy who really does like men, I mean. I clicked on the link above and Christ knows how many of the sods spent their comment load (!) passing remarks about this woman’s looks. You KNOW if she was to just say, ‘how about it, lads?’ why we would ALL quickmarch off behind the sail locker for a lineup. Can’t fool me, I know The Beast…and that’s why we tried formerly to be a little bit chivalrous, but not now any more, eh…?

    Jesus Christ, what IS the God-damn point?

  2. Self-consciously libertarian women are either off the deep end like Ayn Rand who was, don’t kid yourself, an appalling neurotic permanently lodged in sub-adult /refusal/. Or else they are real darn good at what they do like very many non-political people, and that’s at just about everything too. But there ain’t a Hell of a lot of them. One reason may be that they are not stupid and from the point of view of biological function operate in culture to generate /stable/ situations rather than all of our boyish uproar. It is better for childrearing. Now that /that/ is out with many women, of course, they are often just about a pain in the ass on all fours with a lot of the postmodern males (NOT men!) Actually, the real libertarian females are so busy being good at something or other they don’t even waste time on thinking of themselves particularly politically. Anyway as the anarchist Ogre Ducla-Praha says, “ninety-seven percent of life is now lived regardless of government.”

  3. Most women are good at empathy.

    Most vulgar-libertarians are not good at it.

    Most versions of libertarian ideas sneer at compassion and fellow-feeling. Empathic, compassionate people are appalled.

    This is not the way to success…

    Or to a better future.


  4. Marie-Louise von Franz talks about this in her lectures on the Snow White, Rose Red story. It is about the need women have (and, men on their ‘feminine’ side) to /learn/ to differentiate all of that empathy. Otherwise it is just indiscriminate goo & eyewash. The dwarf with his whiskers caught in the split log is the type of that same male opinionatedness in women that says ‘always’ and makes rules out of ideals. He could be likened to Baroness Thatcher’s or “Lady” Blair’s somewhat unbearable animus. He is actually an abusive little shit! The little girls set him free and he insults thems shamelessly. In another episode he gets his whiskers tangled in his fishing line. Naturally he is about to be pulled in by a big pickerel and within an ace of getting his fool self et. So the little girls cut him free with their sewing scissors — and now they are most awful little bitches in Creation for having ruined his looks!

    (In a post-modern digital film version, naturally, he would make & sell dirty sex pictures of them on UNipple to “Karly” Rove, or something, and everyone later would commit suicide after inconclusive therapy, filmed of course as a neo-post Lacanian paraphrasis of “Waiting For Godot.” All excepting the dwarf, who would take transgenderification injections, and then sprout enormous tits and OD in Soho.)

    Finally, a bear, the handsome prince of course, demolishes the rotten little sonofabitch at a blow, and so the little girls (who get in now on some pretty underage “Luv” after all,) learn that one /should/ make distinctions and not be smarmy ALL of the God-damn time! Otherwise its’ all the same relentless pratfalls & screwups that come when the elves are too blinking nice to Smeagol Gollum!

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