Better get your biohazard suits out lads.

Fred Bloggs.

The world wide pandemic of swine flu has claimed yet another victim in Britain, now bringing the massive death toll to three. This is worse than the Black Death, run for you lives, people! Flee to the mountains! (Well, hills).

Is it just me, or does this “pandemic” seem a bit overhyped?


  1. I have created a special “flu hide” under the dining room table, containing tinned food, this computer (with which to monitor and discuss the collapse of civilisation), bedding, my cat’s litter tray and a large supply of Lem-Sip. I shall not emerge until the peril is past.

    Except to go to the loo.

  2. You should start selling then Ian, you’ll be amazed what some suckers will shell out for.

  3. It’s the big pharmacutical companies, they hype up any threat and convince dumb arse politicians that they need to buy the products that they just happen to produce. Backed by company funded lobby groups the dumb arse politicians cave in to the pressure.

    Corperatism at it’s finest.

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