Dolphin-types not so nice and cuddly after all: socialism as baby-killing, and the banning by a school of black-faced border-Morris-Dancers

David Davis

Nature is (as my old-fella used to say) is “red in tooth and claw”. I can’t ever seem to figure out why the lefty-Nazi-conservationist-neopastoralist-barbarians always idolise the worst and most bloodridden predators.

Well may you squeal, neocon! Ill get you next time...
Well may you squeal, neocon! I'll get you next time...

…Or do they somehow recognise their own kin?

Here’s a new meme:-

“Socialism is de-civilisation and baby-killing”.

Here’s the de-civilisation bit. A Kent school has disinvited Morris Dancers of a tradition in which you black up your face with charcoal, as a disguise.


  1. The pic is a killer whale. Guess that can do as an image of the power hungry predator, we want your money, life, liberty, the lot, centralist control freak?

  2. I have trouble reconciling this. In Rochester there is an annual “sweeps festival” almost entirely populated with blacked- up morris men… put on by the enemy class-infested Medway council, and not far at all from that school!

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