“Compulsory” ID cards “to be scrapped”…

David Davis

So, all along, they were to benefit “youngsters” having to prove their age in pubs?

They should never have been allowed to be seen as a “panacea for terrorism”…?


And “Jacqui” “Smith” had people going up to her and asking for one now?


So…the Govt has spent all this money already: has not got compulsory ID cards yet despite that: is now in complete chaos having f****d up the economy totally: can’t sell its gilts either: and now it tells us that its pet control-freak scheme, designed to enchain us forever, was never a serious proposition?

I think these people, forming or evevr having formed part of this government and its parliament, all ought to be  __FORCED__ to carry ID cards. We can then turn these cards on and off at will. This will be fun:-

We will be enjoying thereby the sport, and sudden bursts of extreme excitement, which we will bw able to have generated in the lives of these wicked, nasty GramscoFabiaNazis who tried to be our rulers for twelve miserable years, in their attempt to supposedly punish us for teaching the entire world The Way To The Door Out Of Hell.

(‘Coz we did, because that’s what we did it’s what we were for, and we did The Right Thing, and f*** the lot of you other bastards who claim to be messianic saviours of Mankind. Yup, the f*****g lot of you. Bugger off to the desert or up pillars, or down catacombs, or to French University libraries, or … or wherever.)

Just imagine, being able to turn off Gordon Brown’s card, just as he’s trying to pay for a new glass eye…

…Someone from our “field research department” having gouged out and stamped on his real one, in front of his children.  And their Christmas presents having been run over by a large bus, in front of them, on Christmas Eve, their IDs having given away to our “driver” (via Twitter?) exactly where outside Hamleys they were and when.

These wicked, evil people, this Enemy Class, are really storing up trouble for themselves.

They really ought to get a grip of themselves, and reach for the Whisky and the Revolver, before it gets out of hand in this poor miserable tormented country. If mild-mannered old disabled chappies like me are saying this sort of stuff about Gordon Brown’s children and what sorrows I’d really like to see befall them and their dad, what other bile is out there?


  1. Well, might be good news, though they might still be de facto compulsory- can’t get a bank account without one, or buy a televisor, or rent a flat, etc etc. But a glimmer of hope.

    Nonetheless, we must remember that anglosocialists are wedded to moralist reform. Thus, the “prove your age in pubs” argument actually means, they will be used to prevent anyone underage drinking (even though a pub is a better place for an underage drinker than on a park bench harrassing passers by), which will be particularly useful when they raise the drinking age to 21 (coming shortly from a government near you).

  2. Ian, your Anglosocialist-moralist tract ought to be out soon – any chance?

    We need to know what we are actually up against, as internalised-memes within our own civilisation, old-fella.

  3. According to The Times the database is staying, so the loss of a compulsory card isn’t that big a deal. A small victory, yes, but only a small one. The real bastard villain of the piece is going nowhere.

  4. You’re quite right of course, Angry. I ought to have preliminarily noted that, but I wanted our people in the Front Trench in the FBZ to feel a little bit happy for a few hours.

    The database is of course vulnerable to things such as sledgehammers. Even, and especially modern, hard disks, can only withstand so many “g”, when skillfully applied, the place of residence of said disk having been found conclusively.

    I do not of course advocate these measures publicly, as you’d fully understand, especially being a resident of the Antipodes as you are, and with “echelon” and all that crap, but the time may come for us here with axes and mauls and flame-throwers (to get into the buildings inthe first place, even though we will have locked everybody out there can be still some brave and resourceful and “committed” GramscoFabiaNazi scumbags still about, even skulking inbetween the filing-cabinets of tyranny.)

  5. …Waiting to defend the “people’s” files that ensure “the delivery of identity-security and assuredness, for the purposes of entitlement, to “None Other Than The People’s Arm of The Political Britain”…

  6. Ian, your Anglosocialist-moralist tract ought to be out soon – any chance?

    In all honesty David, the subject is too big for an amateur such as myself to devote sufficient scholarship to to write anything historically adequate or convincingly scholarly. I wish I could. Unfortunately, I am afflicted by the Libertarian Curse- I support myself rather than being supported by unwilling others, as are most of our opponents.

    As with most ideas, the gist could be written in a few paragraphs. The mass of supporting evidence and research required to produce something of scholarly merit is simply too great for me to contemplate.

  7. I would also have to learn how to write a paragraph without constant unnecessary repetition of the word “scholarly”.

  8. It will just get transfered to passports, the biometric data will have to be on all passports that are issued/renewed from said date, it won’t take much to add compulsory needed data to them.

    Make it so that more mandatory id is needed and the most accepted is a passport, change the passport into a card for convienece and hay presto, the scheme continues.

    If goverments are allowed to spend based on the ability of them to extract wealth from the open air inmates/population of said region/country, then companies will continue to pedal their solutions to “problems”

    Weak, immoral and greedy politicians are not the only part of the problem, the super sized, super greedy corperations are the other part of the problem. Profit for the sake of it, made even more neccesary due to shareholders and debacement of currencies.

    Man the mafia families of westminster have done well for themselves.
    Break the mainstream parties and the system will once again work.

  9. ID cards abandoned?

    As predictable as sin.

    I have known for a long time that ID cards will be ‘scrapped’. ID cards are irrelevant: what is important is the connection of databases –

    your passport is connected to your driving
    your driving licence is connected to your MOT
    your MOT is connected to your insurance
    now hear the word of the Reich.

    The key is your passport and the banking system:
    You need a passport to –
    rent/buy/sell a property
    hire a solicitor
    hire and accountant
    register with an employment agent and have a jo
    open a bank account
    obtain a credit card

    and soon to:
    buy a mobile phone
    an oyster card (if not already required).

    Once your passport is linked to your bank account and credit cards, all financial transactions will be traceable to you.

    An essential element of the process is the demise of cash – which is of course anonymous and therefore verboten.

    Halifax are testing cashless purchases with an RFID chipped card for small transactions (newspapers and coffee).

    Some time ago MBNA had adverts on Underground and overground stations exhorting the end of money.

    This is the endgame of the database state – the end of cash.

    But in a prison society, as Ronnie Barker’s character in ‘Porridge’ will atest, new currencies will flourish, such as ‘snout’.

    Welcome to Prison Planet.

    Winston Smith

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