SATS: what a surprise

David Davis

If you feed children with GramscoFabiaNazi “literacy” (Floppy, Biff and Chip, and their multicultural celebratory friends) then this is what you will get.

Oh and you are not meant to be able to guess, either from the storyline (too large a word for it) or the children’s appearances or clothing in the illustrations, what sex each of them is.

For foreign readers, “SATS” stand for “standardised attainment tests”, and are this government’s Stalinist method for being able to prove every year the following:-

…that “this year’s astoundingly good results, better than ever before, reflect only the success of Britain’s children and their teachers, working even harder than ever before to achieve even more academic success in thoday’s even more competitive global knowledge-economy in a very real way in the context of this day and age”.

I only partly made that up. We’ve all heard stuff of that kind.

Oh and you can also blame the marking, if you are a primary school teacher. Of course, I might have known – it was “too harsh”…..

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