It will be like this all the time when we have gone, but only worse

That’s if we go now, as we are going to do.

David Davis

The strategy is twofold:-

(1) To discourage us from staying, possibly for decades, to help turn Iraq into something resembling a pre-postmodern pluralist democracy with functioning free Markets and free Institutions:

(2) To frighten, by blackmail (onw ought never to give in especially at the beginning) the population, so they will say to us “just bugger off, chaps, and maybe these lions will lie down with us lambs after all.”

One wonders just how !”Al-Quaeda” is allowed to continue to exist…

….If modern Western States have the ability to hack into people’s hard disks via the interwobbly thing, and read files thereupon, then how come they can’t, or I suspect  __/don’t/__ do the same to !”Al-Quaeda”, whatever that may be? All it would then take is a few SAS chaps, or the French Special Forces (france has more to lose in the long run and quicker) to deal with the buggers.


We, the West, and the Guardians of its Canon of civilisation, are up against vicious and dangerous people. Primarily, they don’t live in Iraq and they are not called !”Al-Quaeda”. Not really. They are here. Sean Gabb has labelled them “The Enemy Class”. And they are inveigling and using people like those called !”Al-Qaeda” as useful idiots. They are giveing their idiots all the support they can.

The battle is twofold. We have to expunge 100% of the Enemy Class’s ability to exert power and influence over Western Institutions of all kinds, and (possibly later but certainly now if they cause trouble) eliminate the catspaws. Catspaw-elimination  is like the Dambusters Raid, and shows the Enemy Class that whoever they are, wherever they go and whatever they do, we will come after their projects.


  1. Yes indeed. It is amazing how hard it seems for the powers that be to achieve some things, when others are so simple.
    And yes, it is obvious that without a terrorist threat what call would there be of a DNA-based tracking chip implant at birth, or subsequent registration.
    Things will have to get bad before the Great British Public will demand that.
    So things will be allowed to get really bad.
    Still, if the English Army could just be empowered to win the war, then that would also help stymie the big plan for universal registration and monitoring (URM), would it?

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