How West-stalinist governments destroy education and deliberately de-civilise – part 2942A/-3. Bullying in schools

David Davis

I chanced on this just now.

This government is not content with forcibly occupying schools in the Austro-Serbian-1914 manner. Nor indeed in the manner of that of R3 in post-1933.

I respectfully suggest that this government is determined to exclude from society, and if possible destroy physically even including the use of death, any children whose outlook and innate relpectiveness might prejudice the growth of a population of biddable pro-GramscoFabiaNazi helots.The (a)moral position is halfway achieved already, since today British children are, functionally, State Property.

Hence, “bullying”, a custom long in use by children (until they learn property rights and about liberty)  but hiterto controlled adequately by real schools, is allowed and promoted pro-actively. This is actively accomplished in schools by plans known as “anti-bullying policies”.

“Bullying” is probably a primordial hominid-survival-mechanism, useful perhaps 300,000 to 1 million years ago, and probably co-eval with the reise of language as a skill. It may have had a utility in ensuring that the most aggressive and the most “celebrity-clubbable” juveniles (of either sex but mainly males – and who would be popular on account of their size/outgoing-nature/use of growls to threaten predators/warped-sense-of-humour/…etc) survived better in the presence of scarce gatherable resources, to reproduce, at the expense of the more retiring and noncommunicative ones in a group environment. By either killing the “geeks” or driving them off into the bush to be eaten by Short-Arsed-Bears, the survival of the more clubbable and aggressive juveniles could be helped.

My hypothesis may imply that “bullies” could be quite “intelligent”. This is not a problem for me, for most bullies I have ever met were at least not very much more dim than most normal people, and probably had other useful qualities if only these could be exposed and/or channelled.

Regarding “Policies” …. I relate the story of the Bishop who, when asked what was his policy regarding SIN, replied “I’m against it”. Schools today in the UK, for the benefit of our overseas reader, all have to have “policies” tod eal with “bullying”. these are often highly comples and deliberately unintelligible documents (we don’t want parents detecting that the verbiage means sod-all now, do we) which talk about the appointment of “peer mentors” (which is to say other children) to whom one should go on being bullied. Or that “The School absolutely does not tolerate bullying of any kind, and works with the appropriate practitioners, carers and organisations towards a strategy of agreement on how to co-ordinate the relevant activities, measures and experts’ skills in order to  formulate a pastoral-care-pathway designed to eliminate the ….”...f***-it –  I could go on.

In my day in the 1950s and just after, there was indeed bullying. My parents firstly tried to help me combat it by saying to the bullies: “But I will go to University and you will not!” Poor buggers my parents: they simply didn’t understand the mind of the English young male post-war bully. But schools had a more robust attitude happily. After a little time I was encouraged by the teachers, mostly ex-WW2 RSMs and redundant ex-Imperial ADCs from upper-Jipoopooland, to take matters into my own hands. I was not strong or large, but there were sharp things such as my teeth, fountain pens and compass-points, which it seemed I was not … officially … discouraged from using. So I did.

Injured bullies leaking blood were generally chastised by the nearest teacher and sent to Matron to be sewn up again and given permanganate swabs, plus a stern note to their _Father_ . It stopped after a few weeks, and I was not thereafter troubled.

Bullying will stop if recipients or “bullees” are permitted to retaliate with force. I believe that there are no conditions under which it will stop if the existing “policies” (which expressly preclude absolutely any retaliation by bullees) are allowed to continue. Since the kinds of people targetted as “bullees” are generally either not the product of the Labour-spawned underclass, or else do not generally conform to TV-driven “cultural norms” such as chavs, thugs, hairless-male-youths-who-crash-W-reg-white-Vauxhall-Novas-full-of-girls, and celebs, then “policies” for “anti-bullying”  must be a deliberate attempt to wipe out, by self-harm, the young population of those reflective enough not to conform and agree.

I rest my case.

…sorry…the end of the poll-question should have said “The New Utopia”.


  1. I think the whole system has become so distorted by our fallible, often misguided and patently dishonest “rulers” attempts to improve things that whatever happens it is the warping of the souls of the people., including and especially, children.
    Perhaps we are more informed and more enlightened than our great great grandfathers, but the most influence a person could have in those days was restricted and contained by the limits of available technology.
    Now bad wisdom can be spread at will via satellite TV and all the various technologies of communication and persuasion that have been developed.
    We hide from our worst fears and load our unacceptable shortcomings onto other people and thus never deal with the nightmares in our own souls. The battle agaqinst the collapse of civilization is fought at the edges of every person’s conciousness.
    Bullies. Adult baies bashing down their limitations. Road rage. It comes back to individual freedom and responsibility.
    Yes, I think they are trying to limit the amount of thinking types and create a massive labour force of fitness freak thugs.

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  3. You are completely correct. I have been gradually -over the past two years- coming to the realisation that the people in charge cannot be as stupid as they would have us believe, and therefore the majority of the outcomes we see must be planned for. Bullying (and seemingly counter-productive countermeasures) included although I hadn’t really thought about it before…
    Incidentally, Bullying wasn’t really a major problem at my school, which was a grammar school. I’m not sure whether that fact is relevant or just a coincidence.

  4. Wh00ps, absolutely. This is one of the most crucial things that one can recognise, I think. These people who have had the cleverness, the tenacity and toughness and plain animal cunning to climb the slippery pole to political power, who then say, oops, sorry, didn’t mean that, are obviously lying. They have an agenda they are clinging to through all the storms and vicissitudes they create and their aim can best be identified by examining what has happened and is happening. Extrapolate into the future if one can see past their dead ends and double blinds, if one can.
    One can stop wailing and bemoaning over the agendas they have created that have gone wrong (on purpose) and rather identify truth and reality and promote that. It is a trick within a trick within a trick which one can overcome by ignoring their whole structure and simply looking towards the truth. But it is not that easy, I agree. In fact one really has to try and step right outside it to regain control of one’s faculties.

  5. There wasn’t really a GramscoFabiaNazi Enemy Class, well, before….about 1880? What to guys think?

    I suggest that many of the Enemy Class, at its Reichsfuhrer-level of strategic planning, and at the commencement of the “Project”, have been to The Two Universities.

    This is where real and possibly very difficult spadework, possibly quite strenuously opposed at first (can we find out?) must have had to be done at some time. I suggest most probably early in the 20th Century, to implant the right Dons, and get the right texts onto the right degree-courses. The grubby dabs of the Fabians, to my mind, are all over this one.

    The other “unis”, recently over-dignified and stuffed with “courses”, are merely deliberately planted factories for turning out the thousands and thousands of junior gauleiters and gulag-guards that are being required to police the “Project”. As is quite natural, they will vote “en-bloc” for the continuation of the strategy, and also will earn their “living” by make other people’s lives miserable and tyrannised on a mere day to day basis, spreading depression and irresolution via the MSM, and via local and metropolitan Soviets.

    We can’t have people going to “uni” who have any sort of even slightly deviant outlook on things, or who are vaguely critical thinkers. That’s probably why grammar Schools come in for such schtick from all parties but perticlarly the GramscoFabiaNazis. By contrast their own children need the places at these and at the “Private Schools”, so as to be trusted to be let into the secret of the Grand Enemy Class Project. I also have increasing suspicions that “Management Consultants” are an Enemy-Class front-organisation, for both enriching successfully-obedient graduates and inductees into The Class, and also for appearing to lobby for more tyranny with outwardly visible academic authority.

    The deliberately non-effective (anti) bullying guidelines and “policies”, so frankly trumpeted, are designed to get the right children bullied.

  6. On that basis, one could possibly also include the ‘counter-cultures’ that seem mostly to attract the sensitive, intelligent types such as emo, goth, and grunge and their associated self-destructive behaviours?

  7. Could any conspiracy be achieved on such a comprehensive basis, with so many people being involved? If so then must it be an unspoken class agreement? Is it something that we all, now, all of us believe and accept as normal, but it’s a vast plan to take us – where? To defraud us? I do see that there is a strong element of “the conman” that runs through all social transactions. We accept it as the normal interplay. Our politicians being just super competent conmen.
    But it seems it is more than that because it is evident the world is being steered very definitely in a specific direction. Ocassionally we take massive steps that must be quite deliberate, inexplicable and not obvious in intent. Such as when the Kremlin seemed to say in 1989/90 after 50/80 years: okay you guys, you win.
    And as you have pointed out the people who seem to be able to penerate every hard disk and crack every code don’t, somehow, seem to be able to defeat al Quaida or Taleban. Or the Pearl Habour surprise attack that according to Harry Elmer Barnes was expected well before the event and concealed by US State Dept officials.
    I still can’t quite get hold of what is going on and what, exactly, “they” hope to achieve.

    • John, you ought also then to look at and comment on my latest, here, about 9/11:-


      If Bush _HAD_ either ordered the destruction of the Twin Towers, by the impacting of American-owned planes which are of course private property, full of people mostly his own, or if he _HAD_ said “let nothing be done to stop what will happen tomorrow” (I can’t imagine he would have done, me) then the number of people who would have to be “in the loop” and who could not be silenced, bribed, murdered, fall against hard objects while waiting for questioning, etc, would be astronomical.

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