Dr Norman Borlaug

Michael Winning

Who died on Saturday 12th September 2009, and who, through the Green Revolution, probably saved more lives of more humans in less time and for less money, than anyone else, ever – with the exception of the inventor of DDT.

The Englishman remembers him in a fitting way.


  1. There was once a South African guy who in a discussion was celebrating and carrying on about his country: “Africa, the continent of plenty,” he raved. And he meant it. He wanted to stay there because the continent is so rich in resources. And he was/is, of course, correct. Now why isn’t Africa feeding poor old depleted Europe? What is this circumstance that defines the G8/20, whatever?

    • Africa was absentmindedly let back into the control of its ancestral “big men” – and worse, big-men who had been to Western Universities, especially in France, after the GramscoFabiaNazis had got all the professorships.

      Africa could be the bread-basket of the world, still. But we, now libertarians, will have to “go in” and redo it. Properly this time.

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