“I have to say to you” “I have to say to you”

David Davis

This is a droidette of the Enemy Class, order-1.  h/t Mr Eugenides. The machine is being filmed in full flight: it is awesome to behold the brass-neck of the device which is on-camera, non-human as it may be, in its destiny.

The watching of, and the listening to that, is priceless stuff. The evasiveness is nothing, compared with the sheer, astonishing separation of the machine’s perception of reality when compared with where human beings see reality to be.

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  1. Scottish politics is classic rotten borough stuff.

    A tinpot parliament with tinpot people who couldn’t make it to the real parliament. An incestuous body of second raters whose sole guiding principle is demanding more money from England.

    Listening to any of them is always depressing, the poor intellectual and moral quality is so obvious and yet it is just accepted as the norm now in Scotland. Now sad.

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