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…from the Daily Mail, 26th January 2009, under “Richard Littlejohn”:

David Davis

A spokesman for the health department said: ‘By hitting people at home, rather than in supermarkets, we can get inside their lives. It’s only by knocking on doors you can find out what they are having for their tea and offer some healthy suggestions.’


Golly! The system works!

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  1. My father told me this tale of wartime rationing.
    We had an animal feed business which, like all agriculture, was subject to strict controls.

    One of father’s business colleagues was a very big man (over 20 stone and proportionately built – I met him in later years and was somewhat in awe of him).

    He was a substantial farmer and a Ministry of Food official decided that he looked as if he was getting more than the rations allowed; so he called at the farm, demanding to see the pantry.

    An elderly cousin kept house. She was so outraged at this demand that she picked up a walking stick and chased the man off the premises.

    There was all sorts of a to-do. Obstructing an officer was a serious offence and assault even more so. However, it was pointed out that the youngish official had fled from a frail old lady and would look pretty silly. So it never came to court. An inspection was arranged by mutual agreement and all found to be in order.

    The farmer was also director of another animal feed company. As a youngster, I was shown into his presence at the Bath & West Show of 1947 (which was held at Nottingham for some reason that year). I was told to be very polite because he was very important and could easily believe it from his size alone. He produced a plate of fancy cakes, such as I had not seen before, and said “Now let’s see what you can do”. I think my efforts rather disappointed him. The cakes were rather dry and I was too polite to ask for another ginger beer.

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