Old Holborn exposes the (real) class traitors

David Davis

I had no clue that so many, many GramscoFabiaNazis, in the Labour(ing) party, went to private or grammar schools.

Clearly a case of “I’m all right Jack, I’m pulling up the ladder and never mind you”.

It merely compounds the evidence, that their unfathonably deep malice towards ordinary sovereign individuals is deliberate and focussed. How they got like that, having had the finest education that money can (or even cannot) buy, beats me.


  1. Judged on almost any basis the overwhelming advantage of a public school education is a clear winner whatever career is chosen. To pretend otherwise is the grossest hypocrisy and denial of basic common sense. So why all the hand wringing? The state could provide a good equivalent but chooses not to. Any U.K. citizen should be ashamed of the blatant stupidity of it’s political classes.

  2. Perhaps GramscoFabia . . . is actually the ruling class at work and they are just fooling everyone by pretending to be anything other ?
    Like Robespierre and France in 1793?

  3. To Rastus:
    Good point – I never meant to imply that such a (privately paid for) education was anything other than good. My point was that the GramscoFabiaNazis bleat about it and excoriate it, blackening its name in the minds of Teh Masses, while taking full advantage of it themselves. I am mere trying to expose their astonishingly brazen hypocrisy and self-regarding selfishness.

  4. Those who encourage the revolt that led to the building of the Soviet union were from wealthy backgrounds as well. The also ended up far more wealthy with the governance that they brought.

    Hipocracy is never far away from the political aristocracy as they obviously do not wish to bring about change, why else would always increase the cost of living and decrease wages when they were in charge.

    At least Royalty was honest about it, they told us that they were better and never said they were helping us when they taxed us.
    I’m not saying Charles I was good for the people but at least he didn’t lie about what he did!

  5. I tend to disagree with the belief that a public school education is the best education that can be had, based on the overall effect of those who have received it. If the education were so good there surely wouldn’t be so many unresolved problems in our society.

    I went to a state school, which was pretty low down on the league tables, but I turned out alright in terms of overall intellectual abilities. Or at least I’d like to think so. I can’t see directly how public school education is supposed to make a difference. When I was growing up I read a broad range of books and so on, and the whole body of human knowledge is generally quite accessable and thus open to everyone.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against public schools and I’d certainly send my own children to one on the basis of making the best possible choice, but I have come to believe that when education no longer produces the results needed, there is only one alternative – endeavour.

  6. In this day and age, Steven, “public” schools tend to provide a less deleterious educational package because they are (still) less interfered with in general ways, by the British State, than the “scumbag schools” are.

    Having said that, of course many children will succeed despite going to State schools. These tend in my professional experience to be:-

    (a) those whose parents take an _active_ interest in what’s going on _from day to day in the schools and what the child has done_

    (b) those whose houses contain at least some books “about stuff” (I do not count trashy modern novels or celeb biogs)

    (c) those who are naturally smart (and)(or) _/a lot less uncurious/_ than their peers.

    I do not know which group you fall into – perhaps all of those? Or maybe you are a natural libertarian: I think there is a type of humanoid that just doesn’t fit in ordinary societies, and who would, 5 million years ago, might have just wandered off over the ridge, to “see what lay over there”.

  7. I see what you mean there. I suppose that public schools can teach on the basis of ‘being in the know’, that is, not anything sinister, but on the basis of preparing the pupil for the best possible life strategy, because a state school, due to it’s very nature, must be impartial in some respects.

    I’ll take the natural libertarian title gladly David, thanks. In fact my mother and I are totally different people; she’s not intellectual at all. If I ever tried to say any such intellectual thing to her it would have sadly caused offence. I’ve always been switched on but I think often those people who end up the brightest are as you say, those who just have a natural inclination to digress from the norm, i.e. what they probably should be doing – and spend time thinking for themselves.

    For example, would Rene Descartes have had time for the thought required to produce his works if he had not had health problems? He may well have been inclined to partake in other activities were he very fit. It’s all the gay science at the end of the day admiral.

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