The Great Firewall of Australia, and a caption competition

David Davis

Perhaps this blog will be filtered. I do not know.

"Free speech? Up yours for the children..."

And the term “Communications Minister” sounds tautological to someone like me. Perhaps Libertarians are just joyless cynical bastards, and don’t deserve such an exciting jolly world to enthuse about, since we just sit about whingeing and monaing about lefty scumbags who want to destroy everything that’s good.


  1. Might as well start as they mean to go on. Conroy is a [deleted][deleted] who should be [deleted] by his [deleted] and have a [deleted] inserted into [deleted] until it comes out again. This move will fail – guaranteed. Those who wish to will find ways around it, yet those ordinary internet users will experience a slower and more expensive service as a result. On top of that the trials showed that some content intended to be blocked was missed and a significant amount of completely innocent content was blocked by mistake. This policy is straight out of the ‘because we can’ book of government, which sits on the shelf next to the ‘this is what happens when you elect moralising idiots driven by religion to high office’ book of politics.

  2. Freedom is the thing. Freedom with responsibility is the necessity.
    But therein is a whole minefield of obfuscation of the truth/reality. It is quite amazing.
    Freedom is great and beautiful and the way things should be and what libertarians (I say presumptiously) love.
    Freedom has to come with responsibility if we are not going to blow ourselves to bits, one way or another.
    So then the moralists come along and take the responsibility and make THAT the thing. Which is a lie/deception that possibly they are tricked into.
    Plus there is also the perennial desire to control and defraud as practised by governments and others similar, which takes the responsibility, or worse builds all sorts of rules and regulations on it, many arbitrary, and makes that, the thing.
    Freedom is the reality with the thoughts and intents of our hearts being the measure – Vigilance with oneself the means of freedom.

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