Britain to “leave the EU”

David Davis

Well, it was nice to dream if only for a second or two. Via the eternally-estimable Devil, we learn that Douglas Carswell has tabled a Bill, asking for a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

It won’t happen like that, of course. Carswell will get his marching orders and P-45 from the Camoron, and for now we’ll have business (or not any) as usual. But one day, one day…..

And to end, a comment on the front of The Devil’s thread on that posting, stated that it says in the Register that “online publications are to be regulated by the PCC”. But not those of Soviets, for these are “marketing material“. Well, the Libertarian Alliance Blog has just this minute become one of the LA’s “marketing publications”. Officially. You have read it here first!

The Libertarian Alliance is a Soviet, at last.

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