ShootinPutin187 shows his hand on climate change

David Davis

In the wake of the climategate emails bonanza, (get them here, they’re heavily discounted now)we here in the West now experience what Russia can really do when it tries. We are bust, and it is not, yet, and Putin will have stolen the Star Wars plans by now. Of course; what did you expect, letting Reagan-Bush go, and letting the ObamaClintoid in?

In the TA in the 80s, I always used to come under fire from our lieutenants, who insisted that “The Russian Infantryman is trained to do eleven things. You are trained to do 13!” I never thought this was enough things to overtrump with, and now I know that changing the weather is the best of them.

Me, I do fourteen things!


  1. TA? That’s the Reserve Army Dave, Satdy Army, Pretend Army. Some boz-eyed instructor going on about “what battalion’s gonna do what” and eyeing you up thinking “I’m havin’ you lad…”

    As if I care, I only came for the pound a pint! 🙂

  2. The TA is a good outfit, Steven old fella. I was in it for a bit, so was the earstwhile wife of old Chris Tame. She even got to be an _Ossifer_, which is more than I did.

    The TA has won some of the most prestigious medals and gallantry awards, in some of the most improbably suicidal places, old man.

    Please don’t misunderstand them! Soldiers with whom you go to war, and who live in the next village and who want to marry your sister, you’ll look after them, you will. That’s what it’s like up here.

  3. I’m only joking David, I was going to become a reservist myself, in the Navy. I still might actually. At the time I was a little too nervous but I regret not joining now.

    There’s still time though, the cut-off is 33 or 36 so who knows. I enquired about becoming an engineer officer in the RAF but all the jobs are filled for the next year, so that’s that for now.

    It’s funny really, with every year that passes I become more regretful abont not having previously signed up.

    • Go and do it Steven – you will never regret it and you’ll have loads of fun with the fellas.

      I remember a time on the hill, near Ashford Depot, when we all ganged upon the RSM and we scragged him in the mud, in the rain. Nobody owned up afterwards.

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