That’s all very nice then

David Davis

Gordon Brown has said it’s inappropriate, so that’s all right then.

I was intrigued and then also simultaneously amused by the antics of Anjem Choudary, in stating – and then recanting –  the theme that he and his might march through Wootton Bassett with a number of empty coffins.

There is no reason why these fellas ought not to march there, or anywhere else for that matter. But it’s intended to be an insult, for they know we will take it lying down, and a slap in the face. I think it is impolite and is meant to be on purpose. If I was a GramscoFabiaNazi,  then I would do this to the enemies of a  socialist polity, if I possibly could. It is the right strategy to demoralise and upset them.

Poor old Wootton Bassett. Its torments will end with the appointment of another Foreign Secretary: I can’t think who it would be right now, but it would have to be someone good and tough. This town was never meant to have to do, what it now feels it has to do out of ordinary civility and politeness – since nobody from the dead chaps’ employers feels able to turn out.

My amusement of course was unlike what is now perceived by the majority of Middle England, which, owing to its current pre-occupations with celebrity and Wireless Tele Vision, is suddenly surprised and hurt by what the mountebank has said.

This stunt, which Choudary has admitted latterly, does not surprise me in the least, and I was expecting it. It is what I would do, in his position and with his belief-system driving me.

The comment thread here is illuminating and worrying for the future. The volume is staggering. And – they have not even got round to moderating mine, and I posted it 36 hours ago.


  1. I don’t agree with the general pacifist inclinations of many Libertarians. Liberty has to be defended and that means the enemies of liberty need to be fought.

    In this instance the Islamic fascists are clear and dangerous enemies of our liberties, of our basic liberal civilisation and culture.

    They should be beatened up on the streets when they try to match and after their wounded carcases are scraped of the road they should be arrested for breach of the peace.

    The enemies of our civilised values need to be treated like the barbarian scum that they are. Put fear in the hearts of our enemies, that is the only way to deal with them.

  2. I agree.

    But the current trouble is that our “government” – which is to say: the people who _own_ the Police, and who have all the guns and prisons and mindless GramscoFabian thuglets to command, can make the life of an average British bourgeois liberal protester [with family, house, assets and reputation all to lose] utterly unpleasant and unliveable, in about five minutes.

    That’s our fault too, for we let them get to this position. It was a preventable evil, and we went to sleep on the job.

  3. I’d go out on the street and throw proper, Polish-Warsaw-1944-style “munitions” at these people, if I knew that:-

    (a) thousands and thousands and thousands of others, in all towns all over, would come at the same moment, and not back away,

    (b) the “Police” would, like the Czechoslovak ones in 1989, refuse to open fire on their own people,

    (c) in the event of my and our failure, my assets would not be seized, my Bank Account would not be “frozen”, my wife would not be on the street, and our children would not disappear into “Night and Fog”, never to be relocated by me again.

    We’ve let it get too far down the road to societal disintegration. the only wya out is to weather it and hope the ChindoBrazilians rescue us in the panoply of their ascendant liberal classical glory, out of pity.

  4. Essential point being the people in question would never have got anywhere near the street if we hadn’t been brainwashed into believing rubbish. Without a tacit permission from Joe Public these things would not happen.
    We do not realise how far we have been pushed down the road into taking garbage reality for granted. As being the norm.
    If we could just sort out reality (in our own minds) a lot of these problems would evaporate.
    They would meet with incredulity.
    The government or whatever would cease to be able to push its agenda.
    It starts in peoples’ heads.
    The battle is won or lost in the realm of ideas.

  5. The State has incredible power to destroy the lives of those who annoy it.

    I know this from personal observation.

    However, the State is also surprisingly cowardly. They will threaten dire punishments then the moment that a sufficently large group of pissed off people stand up to them they have a habit of folding faster than a deckchair.

    Always remember that, it is really true that bullies are almost always cowards.

    When enough people are pissed off enough to make a stand then they will fold. Imagine if the Islamic Fascists did their little march and the police were ordered to protect them. Anyone threating the Islamic Fascists would be threatened with severe punishment, and then if the people of that town who stand in honour of the Fallen were to surge forward en masse and beat the shit out of the Islamic scum ithe tune would change. The government would immediately accept it as a Fait accompli and no punishments would follow.

  6. This is all a singularity game here.

    There comes a point when the camel’s back just busts then all lets loose. The Wootten Bassett event has little to do with anything, it is just another waypoint on a journey to change. Governments really are cowardly, hence all the focus group testing of joe shmo’s opinions.

    There will be a point when one more of these silly taunts are no longer acceptable and, in a moment, the rules change, it will be when too many folks come out and make it clear enough is enough.

    The problem is, when will this happen? Fortunately, I don’t know, nor do those in charge. This is why they won’t be ready when the bonds of bondage break. So folks, cheer up it may never happen.

    But……it just might and soon perhaps!

    Keep pushing it takes only one nudge too many and BINGO. The nice thing about libertarians is that they have the balls to keep on pushing the boundaries.

    Over here in New Hampshire, a bunch of libertarians did a trash pick up in the streets of Keene packing heat. The idea of “living free and dieing” is real. I saw them on one of the Keane town libertarian blogs. Here in Milford they are more sedate and less given to such histrionics, we take our trash to the town dump as in Alice’s Restaurant.

    Life is good here, though the global warming laid another few inches of the super heated snow out there. However, in New Hampshire liberty is still a serious business. Libertarians are arriving in this state in numbers large enought to proof it agains a failure if nerve about the need to believe in freedom and mean it.

    So hang in there, your time will come. The enemy always misjudges his support for his opinions and the resolve of the government to support the insults he wishes to levy on you. The absurd is what it is, absurd and nothing more, there is little chance, in the long run, that insults to the normal view can be maintained without a serious kickback. As I said, the reaction is a singularity and not predictable there is no time table for a counter revolution. I am counting on it revolving soon.

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