There will/could be a slight victory

Michael Winning

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, me. I mean, for f***’s sake: we are staring over the cliff-face, the lefties are pushing our butts and even getting ppolice with guns and ID cards to paramilitarise our land around us, and the media is predicting, deadpan, a slight Tory majority. Or none. I need DEFRA passports to even move the pigs about, and I didnt mean the Police neither

WTF is wrong with people here? Why isn’t everybody voting UKIP at the very leats? Or pouring money into the hands of Chris Mounsey at the LPUK, so his bruisers can gatecrash the election on Wednesday night? Wish he had some, sometines,

I’ve got a view about how elections should be done. I might write about it later. But you lot would not like it, not one bit.


  1. There’s an old saying; “people get the government they deserve”.

    For all our Libertarian windbaggery (and I this is not a barb at others; I am a notorious Libertarian windbag), the reality is that we do not live in a dictatorship. We do not suffer our government at the point of a gun. We are not held in bondage by a despotic gang of thugs.

    Whatever its flaws, we are a democracy. We all have a vote. We can have any government we like. We can vote to abolish the government if we want to. Somebody- anybody- can stand on a platform of enacting a constitution and bill of rights that would make America’s look like North Korea.

    The reality is, IMV at least, that the government is merely a reflection of the people. We live in a miserable, authoritarian, shithole because that is what the people want. Oh, sure, they may moan about particular laws and impositions; the bin police or speed cameras or something, but suggest freedom to them- suggest abolishing all that state to the man down the pub or Mrs Bigot, and they’ll think you’re mad.

    The only way to change the system is to change the people. Until we can do that, we will live in misery. The people want to be slaves, as long as they have a kind master. If you tried to force them off the cotton plantation, they would just demand to be let back in.

    The next government will introduce more green madness, a massive new layer of taxpayer funded political officers, a massive further increase in the influence of the Progressive Network thanks to Mr Bumhole Mouth Duncan Smith’s big ideas, and chain gangs for sixteen year olds (that’s for the poor, the better off sixteen year olds will get a nice cushy placement because Daddy knows the right quangocrat to speak to). And it’ll happen because our fellow “citizens” want things that way. They’re arseholes, the fucking lot of them, in a nutshell.

  2. Ian B may well be right, but we are also right to want either a good shepherd or an inspired leader to get us out of this terrible situation we are in. Such people have rescued us before, often. We are indeed unfortunate that we now have only crooks and incompetents to choose from, people who look at all our real problems and ignore all of them.

  3. I just read that comment of mine back, and even for me it is rather harsh. I think this election is destroying the last of my Pollyanna belief in humanity, or something.

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