One sometimes does not know what to do or think

David Davis

As I get older and older ( I have already outlived our old chum Chris Tame by almost seven years – and I never imagined that I would be talking about being er, sort of, er, old) the world seems to lurch from one cock-up to another, or one disaster to another. Most are government-mediated. It’s difficult, sometimes, to distinguish a “natural” disaster like an earthquake from a government-mediated one such as the “banking crisis”. Both kinds usually result in lost and wasted resources: the poorer the country, the more the UN wastes in hotels, escort girls. “feasibility-studies” and jet-flights: and the bigger the bank, the more the Treasury wastes in “bail-out-funds” and the like (see above.)

Age seems to lend a sort of perspective, that you never knew was there for you to use. It’s almost as though you are in fact receeding from the world, and so you can see the bigger picture, but everything is tiny. I didn’t mean the post to be about this, but let’s now look at some of our politicians.

(1) Alex Salmond (who is this tiny person?) is agging about being the master of a tiny fraction of a pale blue dot. For a little time only. And most of it is brown or grey as seen from space.

(2) David Cameron is trying to ride two tiny horses at once, going in different directions. He’s pretending to say that he’s pretending to say that he would rather, sort of, er, like to stage a referendum about the EUSSR, in, er, 2017…? Lots of people would like this to happen now, but it won’t for some reason – And he’s pretending to say that gays and stuff should be able to do what they want statutorily in churches, as if this mattered to anyone except (certain sorts of) people, most of whom won’t vote for him anyway, because lots of them get money for voting for what they are paid to vote for, from elsewhere.

This, as horses go, is extremely tiny, and I can’t figure out how he was advised that this was a big horse, with polling power. (I’m not blaming anyone here for taking the money: I’m just saying how I see that it is.) So what he is really doing is re-arranging the deckchairs on the deck of the Titanic.

(3) All modern states, with the possible exception of ChindoBrazilia and Iceland, are bust, bankrupt, potless (can you name another adjective please?) and yet the charade-game carries on, and we all try to pretend to pretend that the looters and moochers have not actually pissed away all the money.

This is all rather depressing, and I really think we libertarians ought to address ourselves to the matter of what’s to be done constructively about these various disasters. Some of us have young children, so we have to be self-interested here: we have brought these little people into the world through no fault of our own or theirs, and their lives will be affected by the GramscoFabiaNazi activities of persons who were alive and grabbing millions, long before these little children arrived.



  1. This is all rather depressing…

    Cheer up — you could be living in North Korea. And whatever is planned for the U.K. by the innominable ones, we’re not a tyranny on quite that scale in 2013. Also, remember this:

    “This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.” — Horace Walpole (1717-1797).

    As all decent folk know, Tories don’t have feelings, except for money and power. Unlike big-hearted Tony, Gordon, Peter, Alastair et al.

  2. For once I agree with “Voldemort” – the point he makes in the first paragraph.

    Also, David, bankruptcy (de facto bankrptcy) is not the end of the “game”, in many ways it is just the start.

    When the Welfare States (and the credit bubble financial systems) collapse there will, of course, be terrible suffering (I certainly do not expect to survive), but many people will survive (as will techology and scientific knowledge) and people will rebuild. Hopefully they will be wiser as a result of hte failure of bad ideas (the idea that govenrment can take care of people from “the cradle to the grave”, and the idea that more “money” can be lent out than was ever really saved).

    If I go on I will be accused of being a “wind bag” and if I do not go on I will be accused of “not proving my case” – as I am in a hurry (I have to catch a train) I prefer the latter charge to the former, today.

  3. I agree Mr Davis. I also think it’s very wise for a man to centre his thoughts around trying harder to secure his own family’s future. Certainly not fretting over deceitful politicians, or thinking about the fools who keep voting for them time after time.

    However, we are all madder than hatters when we place our own culture at risk in order to protect another. What an insane period English history will be recording this one to be. Why have the British so willingly accepted that they must try extra hard to live with foreign practices previously considered unacceptable? Or to refrain, on pain of imprisonment, from shocking those proven to be un-shockable.

    The time has come when the objectives of our left leaning politicians should be more widely ridiculed. Especially those which the evidence of failure are to hand. Arranging deck chairs on a ship that might soon become a tomb for millions does sum it all up rather well.

    This morning it came to my notice how the bright sparks in Westminster are considering ways to protect England’s poor and unemployed. Protect them, it appears, from the well advertised benefits rush due to be made by EU immigrants in 2014. The latest idea is for the madcap British government to arrange for adverts to be placed in Romanian and Bulgarian newspapers stating how terrible England is. No jobs, no houses, no taxpayers cash waiting to be collected and, rather cheekily I thought, a claim that rain falls every day in England. Well, I ask you, how much deeper can these Westminster cowards sink?

    It’s been a rather splendid day here today. The daffs have started moving again I see. Spring beckons – what joys about to come our way eh David?

  4. Sadly such things as “free” healthcare and “free” education are on an automatic basis in Britain. A country that has such things is going to have mass immigration problem.

    It is much the same in the United States – America has had a border with Mexico for a long time, why has mass migration from Mexico to the United States only become truly “mass” in recent decades?

    I do not think it is too cynical to think that such things as “free” education for the children (mandated by the Supreme Court in 1982) and “free” “Emergencey Room” healthcare (mandated by Congress in the mid 1980s) have something to do with it.

  5. Yes, Voldemort, you are right, I had the bad fortune of seeing a video a
    photo journalist smuggled out of there, they indeed do stuff a pebble in
    your mouth before shooting you by firing squad in public. But who would
    live in a place like that for instance, Get Real! Firing squad for having
    an opinion, not me.

  6. If you look at the border between US and Mexico, it is an economic and crime disaster, it is a war zone between law enforcement and very heavily armed crime and drugs mafia cartels, they even have special training camps to train their own private armies and hit men, it is in reality a total no hope situation, much like poland has become with organised crime and unlimite resources at their disposal, social and both economic failure, filled with a vacume of crime!

  7. When we look at parts of euorope now, we can not use the discription of crime, it has effectively become a war zone, when in eastern eurpope you may find yourself stopped by the police driving a porsch, this they have
    mearly taken under the proceeds of crime act so they tell you. In wasaw
    now the crime capital of europe, the police are now some like better trained
    varients of the SAS, and they do indeed take heavy casualities, with their
    opponents armed with the lastest in high tech weapons, that could punch
    a hole through british body armour and out the otherside, this is what
    happens when things break down, europe is a failure when it comes to
    crime, that is a fact.

  8. Karl – prohibition has indeed failed. But that is not the only factor – in the 1917 Mexican Consitution the right to defend one’s home with firearms is recognised, but (since the 1960s) this right has been systematically undermined by regulations (much as the American “Progressives” wish to do) there is now just one legal gun shop left (in Mexico City, on a military base, with lots of soldiers looking for an excuse to arrest any ordinary person who tries to use it). The state and the criminals (often the same people) have a de facto monopoly on firearms.

    So even if the “War On Drugs” ended tomorrow (and, it should be pointed out, there is no American consitutional basis for this war – the 18th Amendment did not apply to drugs, and has been repealed anyway). criminal gangs would still control Mexican towns and cities – as when one outlaws guns, one hands a de facto monopoly of guns to outlaws.

    It is not an accident that towns and cities that exist on both sides of the Mexican-Texan border (often equally hispanic on both sides of that border) have a murder rate some ten times higher on the Mexican side.

    This is one of the reasons that immigration is so high – not just the “pull” factors of free education and health care for immigrants (both forced on Texas without any choice by the voters), but also the “push” factor of sitting in fear in one’s home in Mexico waiting for an armed gang to break in to abduct one’s daughter (to be raped to death).

    “Gun Control” is also a form of prohibition – and politicians from Chicago (which is “Gun Control USA”) know its terrible consequences. They are not ignorant – they are wicked.

  9. Not a good situation, it’s sad for the few good people caught up such situations, these places are war zones in the true sense of the word, as
    I said a social and economic failure, despite throwing money at the problem,
    the US have failed to irradicate the border problems, so we should presume
    no solution at this time exists!

  10. Yes Karl – and one should not assume that the govenrment even had good intentions with the money it spent.

    For example, contrary to endless media reports, American weapons are NOT the weapons of choice of the Mexican cartels (like criminals around the world – they prefer AK47s and so on).

    People will starting to point out that the media reports (that the weapons used in Mexico by the criminals were American) were lies. So the government hit on a plan.

    Send weapons to the criminals itself (via third parties) then announce their discovery, And use this as an excuse for more “Gun Control” in the United States itself.

    Thus operation “Fast and Furious” came to be – and people (both Mexican and American) were indeed killed with American made weapons.

    Think about the above. The state is not in the hands of well meaning, but incompetant, people – it is much worse than that.

  11. Let’s not dwell too much on foreign doings gentlemen. We have little hope of changing a thing in England – no hope at all outside.

    Even obviously failed politicians these days are often returned to Westminster via the ballot box. Now that the nation is in desperate trouble, the man in the street must carry his full share of guilt for it. Short-sighted, dull-witted politicians have let our country down very badly; criminally so in fact. Yet they sublimely carry on with their failed ideological theories. Kenneth Clarke, for one quick instance, continues to push for a federalised Europe. With all the evidence now available, what is it exactly that makes him think that it can still work?

    But why do people like him risk damaging their own future reputation when the truth is already out there? What goes through the heads of our MPs I wonder when they quit their Westminster Club and head off home each Friday afternoon? Does he, or she, feel pleased about what they’ve achieved for our country during the week, or are most of the more intuitive ones too busy pondering if there’s sufficient time left for them to bank sufficient cash to see themselves through the tough times that must come. A terribly synical view I know but aren’t we living in cynical times?

    In several earlier comments of mine I’ve tried to explain my plan for ensuring my own family’s future. A very obvious one really but I’ll repeat it again because it might help a few people.

    I’ve taken the trouble to put down food supplies in Swiss-style bunkers, along with spare fuel for heating and transport, medicines, tools, independent heat and light source, tools for defence, books, batteries, warm clothing, videos, music etc. A small fortune invested in an attempt at securing survival.

    Survival, the fundamental instinct of everything that grows. A powerful human tool too, that has in recent years, been sadly forgotten by too many English men and women. In my long-considered opinion, the time will come quite soon, when they’ll be obliged to pay for their own apathy.

    Too many voters believe that the government knows what it’s doing. The evidence so far clearly doesn’t support that belief. In fact we’ve now become what the Germans once said we were, ‘a nation of shopkeepers’. But there are dozens of reasons for me being in sympathy with your view Mr Davis but allow me to end by mentioning just two:

    I’m assured by a numerate friend, that were I to owe a man a million pounds and he agreed that I could pay him at the rate of one pound each second, it would nevertheless take 12 days to settle. Had I borrowed a billion it would take 32 years to settle and 3,200 years to pay him back a trillion. A trillion is truly a very great deal of money.

    For myself, I must say that it was difficult for me to hold in my mind just how much a trillion pounds really is. So I think the above analogy certainly helped me to focus in a little closer. Just like our American cousins however, our idiot politicians have now started to talk in terms of trillions. Money being borrowed in ever increasing amounts by them, in our names, and yet no one in the media seems to want to question why it was needed, if the need was justified, who the cash was borrowed from, how much interest is being paid, when it’s due to be repaid… and can it ever be realistically repaid? And if it turns out that it cannot ever be repaid (for any of a hundred reasons) then how else can the debt be cleared? Abandon our bit of the planet to our creditors maybe – give up our homes, wives, or maybe our daughters?

    What has happened to our working class men and women that they’ve come to not care a toss about their future or about England. Why have they allowed their BBC to do harm to this nation by their constant political interference? More harm in fact than all those hapless politicians who allowed themselves to be muscled through the lobbies like sheep. The BBC should be disbanded as quickly as ever practical. Followed immediately by reducing The Palace of Westminster to rubble. If that were to happen of course the sea would rise up in anger but England herself might remain afloat.

    Trust David Cameron only when he dons King Lear’s mantle and says, ‘I will do such things – what they are yet I know not – but they shall be the terrors of the earth.’

  12. well wrote john, some good points raised, another man who can see the wood from the trees, those working class people you refer to in reality no
    longer exist, due to the open door policy to adcamdeamia, people no longer
    perceive they belong to that class of people, have you not seen these fancy
    terms for a “Sweeper Up” used these day’s, he’s a cleaning technician. The
    true working classes, such as those during the war and up to 1980’s were
    in fact in the main, highly intelligent people, who worked hard, to produce
    wealth so the civil service work shy could steal it. At one time some of the best brains in communities were refered to as working class, from my point this discription is no longer applicable, firstly,in context the class of people
    applicable that referal no longer exist, and if the term if used today it gives
    the appearance of outdated edwardian discriminatory meaning, regarding
    the people it is directed to, particulary as in the main, they are better qualified
    than those who use this terminology. It is now outdated, an obsolete adjective, used by an out dated middle class who have been used to silver
    spoons by birthright, as for the BBC, say no more, we the illuminates have
    know about these aliens for a long time, just yet undecided on how to get
    rid of them, As for david cameron, in just 18 months from now he will no
    longer be a part of the political equation, yes, I can predict the furture!

  13. Kenneth Clark is fairly open about his folly – he does not try and hide his (terrible) opinions.

    Mr Cameron tries to cover his folly up.

    That appears to be the main difference between the two men.

  14. Briefly (the sun is shining here in Florida & I don’t want to spend all day at a computer screen!)
    1) Paul – you say “Kenneth Clarke, for one quick instance, continues to push for a federalised Europe. With all the evidence now available, what is it exactly that makes him think that it can still work?”. The answer is almost certainly money. He is acting as a padi advocate for the EU, as are so many other politicians. Remember also that anybody who has ever worked for the EU in any form will be in receipt of a generous pension – which is conditional on their continuing to support the EU.
    2) Paul, do you know why Prohibition was introduced via Cinstitutional Amendment? Why didn’t they just pass a law? I think the 18th Amendment is the only one to be repealed, but you will no doubt correct me if I am wrong.
    3) “Fast & Furious” will not go away over here – Agent Terry’s family (he was the border guard gunned down in the fiasco) is suing the govt for $25 million.
    4) Obama’s ‘amnesty’ for illegals can only make matters worse.
    5) If it’s any consolation, I don’t think Obama will survive a second term. He is turning the country into the EU and placing it under the auspices of the UN. I might add that much as I hate the man I wouldn’t want to see him assassinated in office. But not everybody is as moderate as I.
    6) David Davis – you brought children into the world ‘through no fault of your own’? Whose fault do you think it was?

  15. Hugo – it was John who asked the questions, not me.

    I know why “Ken” Clarke takes the positions he does, because he always has (right back in the 1960s he had identical political beliefs).

    He is a man who does not read (boasts about that) and does not think either (well he does think – but only tactically), he was taught various “modern” beliefs and has stuck to them.

    J.S. Gummer is the same – and so many others of that generation and university background.

    Why pay people who are going to support you anyway?

    Not that Ken would say “no” to any money – he is about as straight as a seven Pound note.

  16. By the way Hugo – I did read what you wrote about the United States. I have just chosen not to comment upon what you wrote.

    I mean you no disrespect by that. I have other reasons for not commenting.

  17. Hugo, lucky if you’re seeing the sun, don’t see much of that hear lately, of
    course, you are bang on, the big money, perks, and pensions of the EU can
    make men do funny things. Hear lays the problem. The folly of man I say.

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