I think we need to say things about these fellows

David Davis




  1. The one on the left is an idiot, the two on the right are idiots, the one second
    from the left is the only one aware they are being photographed, and he
    is a reservior twat.

  2. They’re actually walking backwards, so the joke’s on them. Backing away from a hostile crowd of former Labour supporters who have awoken to the true nature of those they once voted for. Edwin looks confused that his lies no longer seem to work.

  3. Odd how supporters of totalitarian regimes do not have to say they are sorry.

    It is not just that “Red Ed” has a Marxist father (people do not choose their parents), but he never really broke with him (just expressed tactical differences over whether the Labour party could be used for the cause). And personally supported the collectivist (“Green Book”) regime in Libya (one must not let the evil chaos that has replaced that regime blind us to its vileness), welcoming the son of the dictator to deliver the Ralph Miliband lecture at the LSE (and on and on).

    Yes no one bears him a grudge – he is ahead in the polls (and so on).

  4. Well firstly, many people have short memories, and even less would understand what you write due to lack of education, of course lybia should
    have been left alone, the problem has just spread to rest of North Africa,
    the oil contracts promied by cameron, will not now manifest, a bad move
    and a very costly one.

  5. Of course paul labour are taking a considerable lead, even in this part of middle england, the new student tory voters have deserted them in droves, unable to believe just how backward and oppressive they are, looks like we are heading for a kipper labour government, liberals finished here, for sure, people simply won’t put up with these 90’s type tory governments these day’s, much has changed with computors and freedom of information, this was their downfall.

  6. When we reflect on the last election, in reality it would be fair to describe the conservative victory as an “Eggshell” victory, firstly, they were unable to form a government without the a deal with the liberals. But we have to look deeper to understand their real problem, point of fact the tories no longer attract the votes of yesteryear, a 1,000 votes in this political climate can spell disaster for any party, more interestingly, look at the turn out at the last election, only a small percentages voted for the tories, while the bulk of voters didn’t bother to vote at all, as a result of being disillusioned with all parties, It is a fact many of the didn’t bother voters, will vote next time, simply to remove the current government notwithstanding their policies, we have to face the real facts, there are few people who have not been effected by this government, the reaction of this effect, materialises in the ballot box, as we will witness next election, you don’t have to be a “Rocket Scientist” to understand these facts!

  7. Karl the last election I observed the second place in the local Parliament was taken by a party led by someone whose only qualification was (in the words of his own supporters) that he was a “pretty boy”.

    So Red Ed for Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, why not? After all it would be a suitably absurd end for us.

    Sorry Major Cartwright (and so on) – you had good intentions, but the political system you argued that Britain should adopt has not worked out well.

  8. Pauls, right Major Cartwright, people these day’s won’t live under the rule
    of dictatorship where justice is replaced with victorian retoric, and fraud
    by those in public office, particulary those corrupted “Ginks” who sit on
    the bench, you’re history, backward dictators.

  9. The confusion between Parliament and the people is an old one. For example Fortesque (back in the 1400s) falls into it.

    Major Cartwright (and others in the late 1700s and early 1800s) thought the problem was that most people did not have the vote.

    Sadly this is NOT the problem (as giving most people the vote has shown). Parliament is simply not the same thing as the people (full stop).

    It is easy to be clever with hidesight. People such as Major Cartwright had good intentions and they might have been correct – they just turn out not to have been correct. There is no shame in that.

  10. I think paul I understand what you are saying to a certain point, the main problem with parliament, is thus, they are extemely detached from real people in the real world, I get the impression quite rightly, they live in a bubble world, created by advisors, ill conceived reports, investigations, and
    bow to the whim of the looney tunes who formulate these new may for instance of course recall the Blair government, it was virtually run by the police, every time they said jump, labour said how high, a new law today, a new law tomorrow, and just for good measure, let’s throw in one for yesterday, hardley the way to run a government, when you look back at what they promised when they first came to power why is it people fail to see through the lies, the conservatives main folly has been exposed as not listening to the people, now they will pay the price in the ballot box, and again we see yet another decade of ping pong governments, will little or no change. This can not go on forever, it is all to apparent the country is suffering seriously to it’s detriment in relation to it’s socio economic fabric, whilst again they remain isolated in the westminister bubble. We need real change and action not idle words of complacency, nothing will change until westminister changes it’s self!

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