UKIP and the Tories…what will the Toryawayday say tomorrow?

David Davis

It’s actually too late to do anything aout Ukip. We may win the odd Parliamentary seat, or we may not. I’d guess one, or at a push, two. We’ll clean up anyway in the EuroNazi “elections”, and Ukip will e the largest UK party in StrasNazi-bourg or wherever the thing is “sitting” now, and it will be dedicated to getting arguably the most important caged-EuroNation our of the EUSSR.

You see, Tories, you have betrayed the People of Britain. You’ve tried to be a leftyparty, thinking it’d get you elected. And even that nearly didn’t work in 2010, and you’re saddled with LeftoNazi limpDemNazis who actually hate and despise you – the despising is actually worse than the hating – _Even More that the LabourNazis do_ if that were conceivable.

We in Ukip really don’t give a f**k if we tip Ed Miliband into power. We know how bad he will be, and all the trolls and orcs he’ll let back into the farm to continue trashing stuff. You are no better so far.

We also don’t give a f**k if your party becomes toast permanently after a 2015 defeat. You had the chance in 2010 to give the Queen an ultimatum, and say that you were NOT prepared to go into government with either of the other groups of thuggish Nazi gangsters, and that you would _refuse_ to allow Parliament to be restarted until she called another election, which you would then have won. Of course, you still sere not going to give us our promised referendum on Lisbon and the EUSSR so it wouldn’t have made any difference, but at least you’d still have people’s respect to a tiny extent.

Face facts: you’re going to lose seats to Ukip, and probably to the LibDemNazis and Labour Nazis, because Ukip will make a point of targetting your marginals. If we get in, it’s a bonus. If you’re out, at least you’re punished. we’ll all be in the shit whichever Nazi party gets back in.

If you manage somehow to do, we’ll be only marching to the deathcamps slightly less fast than if one of the others was at the wheel.


  1. Give the Queen an “ultimatum”?

    No need to do anything of the sort.

    Had Mr Cameron turned down Mr Clegg, a Lib-Dem, Labour, Nationalist (Scots and Welsh) coalition government would have been obviously unstable – and would have collapsed within a year. Then there would have been a new election.

    Of course there are many people who suspect that Mr Cameron always wanted a deal with Mr Clegg and the Lib Dems (even before the election) and did not actually want a majority in the House of Commons – as he (Mr Cameron) sees the “true enemy” as the “Tory Right”.

    As for UKIP – their performance in the E.U. “Parliament” elections will be interesting to observe.

  2. It seems clear that David, like virtually all UKIP members, is still fighting the second world war. Nazis on the brain. It was the misfortune of Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadfafi, and now Bashir Assad, that they wore moustaches.
    Incidentally, I am frequently irritated by the southern English mispronunciation of the word ‘Nazi’. Most southerners, and most BBC personnel, say ‘Narzi’. The word ‘Nazi’ is an abbreviation for National Socialist. Nobody pronounces National ‘Nartional’. Why do southerners persistently mispronounce ‘Nazi’? The same bizarre mispronunciation is applied to ‘Bath’, which is usually mispronounced ‘Barth’. Why?

  3. I’ll call them “Nattzies” if you like, Paul, as in how one would say the words in full for “NSDAP”. It doesn’t change their murdering GramscoFabian socialist objectives though, does it.

    And Paul, dear fellow, the 1899-(still in being) World War hasn’t finished. Sadly. There were of course several episodes, the well-spottable ones being 1899-1902, 1914-1921, 1937-1945, 1950-53, 1954-74 and so on. the 21-year armistice between 1918 and 1939 often confuses people.

    The Great War – between the GramscoFabiaNazis and their terrorist runnung-dogs on the one hand, and the Classical-Liberal minimal-statists on the other, will go on sadly, until one side or other is dead.

    As to “barths”, that’s what they are. So that’s why we call it “Barth”, as in Darth Vader. And I live in the North now anyway, where a duck seems to be a “dook” with a very shortened “oo” diphthong. And a bus is a “boos” with the same sound. It annoys my dear wife, who is Polish, to utter distraction.

  4. The “moustache” theory of history–it ranks up there with the “John Wayne –Father of N A T O” thesis. *
    I don’t give a rat’s arse if UKIP members are re-fighting the Napoleonic war (and we fucking won that one as well)–better that than euro-sucking scum like that sack of shite Cameron and the rest.

    * See defending the Undefendable by Walter Block to clarify the reference.

  5. Hitler’s clipped moustache was in fact a political statement – he used to have a full almost handlebar ‘tache, but had to clip it to fit a gas mask. He kept that style as a symbol for the German people.
    Cameron, if he had any backbone, would have just formed a government and defied the Lib Dems to bring it down and force another election. They would have been wiped out and Cameron would have reigned supreme.
    I wrote to the Queen to protest at the deal done between the party with the most votes and the party with the third biggest number of votes, in order to keep the party with the second biggest number of votes out of office. It’s outrageous, and has saddled us with all sorts of policies that were in nobody’s manifesto. HMQ doesn’t care though.
    Paul makes a good point. I have long believed that the Conservative Party machine would rather see a pro-Euro Labour government than a Euro-sceptic Conservative government. Cameron is quite happy to play along as it allows him to be PM. Look what happened to Maggie when she threatened to de-rail the Tories’ EU agenda.
    Cameron has, however, dealt a political master-stroke with his promise (ha ha!) of re-negotiation followed by a referendum. This has completely taken the wind out of UKIP’s sails, as it seems (to the man in the street) a much more reasonable stance than UKIP’s. UKIP will achieve enormous success in the Euro-elections, only to fall flat on our faces at the General. I do not know how to counter this.

  6. Well, just to be predictable I’ll roll out my “I said not to vote for them last time” thing. The Tories I mean, not UKIP. I voted for UKIP.

    Millions of people voted for the Tories in hope of a change. They were naive. Others voted on the principle of “anything is better than Labour”. They’ve got what they deserve.

    The truth is, as a vehicle for anything libertarian, the Tories have been lost since Thatcher’s stab in the back. Major, then the Year Of The Four Emperors, then Cameron, are all of a particular trajectory towards compliance with the new Post-Marxist-Puritan-Gramscian-What-Have-You. I do not think any of them are evil, just typical upper class dimwits. Tony Blair is conniving and evil, Cameron merely conniving and stupid. But since nowadays our laws are made by others in faraway places anyway, and the politicians just implement them, that may not matter so much. The job of a politician under GFNism is to pass laws, not write them. Those who write the laws skulk in the shadows, then suddenly jump out and hit you on the head with a gigantic axe.

    I may not be making any sense; I’ve been up all night playing an MMORPG called Scarlet Blade, in which one plays a scantily clad girl fighting monsters with gigantic weaponry, and after about 14 hours of it, I’m not quite connected to reality at the moment. Yesterday I was certainly an Englishman, today I’m not entirely convinced I’m not a virtually naked Korean girl who fights monsters.

    So anyway, it’s UKIP or bust. I have no sympathy for the Tory party. There actually was a point in time when they could have stopped all this. Instead, they defenestrated a leader to ensure that the Left would win the war. Fuck them. They deserve nothing but oblivion.

    • What Ian said… but.
      I can’t see there being any oblivion for the Tories, or the Labours for that matter. The tealeaves reveal to me nothing more than the same bunch of clowns with an ever-decreasing turnout and the pundits still reporting “massive landslides” when, on a turnout of 3 two happen to vote the same way.

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