The end of Left-Wing-Conservatism: was it an “infantile disorder”, or just Alzheimer’s?

David Davis

Top Point:- Libertarians working in a statist “democratic civilisation” – which is to say: an imperfect democracy corroded by the presence, vestigial or worse, of socialistNazi components of allowed public discourse – regard political parties as advertising agencies whose job is to service, effectively, the “Liberty Account”. If they would not do the job adequately, then we would fire them and hire another one.

The Chimpanzee Type-writers have not been as active as they used to be. Perhaps, as a fellow I knew once in London said “it’s the heat” that affected their keyboard speeds. But we need to get things going again for the coming Arctic Winter, since warble-gloaming has ceased for the last 17 years, so we are now told by those who know the truth.

However, the Ukip conference is on, or was. I don’t really know if it’s more than a day. What does it matter how long Party Conferences really are? “Do all animals really fly?” is a more important question. They wree only charging £35 for a day ticket, compared with £520 from the Tories. I guess the Tory charge was that steep so as to deliberately keep out anybody who wasn’t a “lobbyist”.

You need to have money these days, to “access ministers”, I guess. I feel a “Piers Gaveston moment” coming on: ministers better beware I think.

Here’s what I wrote to the dully Tory-graph about the problem of Ukip for the British Conservative Party. I use the discriminator “we”, not because I am a member of Ukip (I am not – at least not yet) but because I think it is now speaking for the British working masses of people that live in that class that today’s MetropolitaNazi politicians find difficult to “relate to”. These are people that may not have “senior public sector, public-administrative and media jobs”.

They may drive 53-reg Ford Mondeos.  Or even older. I drive Y67LNE – that dates me…They may work in some smallish private business, a few or many miles from home, and thus have large fuel costs, mostly excise taxation. They may not have had “a pay rise” for years.

So here it is:-

It’s actually too late to do anything aout Ukip. We may win the odd Parliamentary seat, or we may not. I’d guess one, or at a push, two. We’ll clean up anyway in the EuroNazi “elections”, and Ukip will e the largest UK party in StrasNazi-bourg or wherever the thing is “sitting” now, and it will be dedicated to getting arguably the most important caged-EuroNation our of the EUSSR.

You see, Tories, you have betrayed the People of Britain. You’ve tried to be a leftyparty, thinking it’d get you elected. And even that nearly didn’t work in 2010, and you’re saddled with LeftoNazi limpDemNazis who actually hate and despise you – the despising is actually worse than the hating – _Even More that the LabourNazis do_ if that were conceivable.

We in Ukip really, absolutely, don’t give a fuck if we tip Ed Miliband into power. We know how bad he will be, and all the trolls and orcs he’ll let back into the farm to continue trashing stuff. You are no better so far.

We also  absolutely don’t give a fuck if your party becomes toast permanently after a 2015 defeat. You had the chance in 2010 to give the Queen an ultimatum, and say that you were NOT prepared to go into government with either of the other groups of thuggish Nazi gangsters, and that you would _refuse_ to allow Parliament to be restarted until she called another election, which you would then have won. Of course, you still sere not going to give us our promised referendum on Lisbon and the EUSSR so it wouldn’t have made any difference, but at least you’d still have people’s respect to a tiny extent.

Face facts: you’re going to lose seats to Ukip, and probably to the LibDemNazis and Labour Nazis, because Ukip will make a point of targetting your marginals. If we get in, it’s a bonus. If you’re out, at least you’re punished. we’ll all be in the shit whichever Nazi party gets back in.

If you manage somehow to do, we’ll be only marching to the deathcamps slightly less fast than if one of the others was at the wheel.

The presented hypothesis is that Ukip might let LabourNazis back onto the Bridge Of The Titanic, by unseating marginal Tories. Well, I don’t think it really matters, since the House of ConMen seems to do whatever the GramscoFabiaNazis want, regardless of which party is “in power”. I guess Ed Miliband can’t be worse for us, now sliding back rapidly into the cesspit as we are, than the Cameroid.

Have to cook the little fella’s supper now, but I’ll think of something else acerbic later.


  1. I think the best way to deal with this is for Conservative Members of Parliament to clearly state their principles (to the voters) and to vote in line with these principles in the House of Commons – whether Mr Cameron likes it or not.

    “That is easy for you to say Paul – you live in Kettering”,

    Yes I live in Kettering – but there is no magical elven ring around the place (it is an ordinary town).

    There is no reason why all Conservative Members of Parliament can not (for example) clearly state their opposition to the European Union and vote accordingly in the House of Commons. Ditto with all other matters.

    After all, as far as I know, only in one constituency in the United Kingdom was a Mr “David Cameron” successful in the last general election, So he is entitled to one vote in the House of Commons.

    This is NOT being cruel to Mr Cameron – it is simply going back to very old principles. Specifically the principle of the independence of Members of Parliament. The duty of a Member of Parliament is to their CONSCIENCE (and if a Member of Parliament has no conscience they should not be a Member of Parliament) – not to any particular leader (no matter how nice a person this leader may be).

  2. “There is no reason why all Conservative Members of Parliament can not (for example) clearly state their opposition to the European Union and vote accordingly in the House of Commons….”
    Except that it would be the end of their Parliamentary career.

  3. Perhaps not Hugo – indeed perhaps the opposite.

    For example, around here any Member of Parliament who supported the E.U. would soon find themselves an EX Member of Parliament.

    Even in terms of party advancement – things may well change (if the British people really want things to change).

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