The Daily Mail: Peddlers Of Death?

by Dick Puddlecote

The Daily Mail: Peddlers Of Death? You may remember that the Daily Mail published an incendiary article in January entitled …

E-cigarettes cause more harm than smoking
They were forced to retract that claim because, well, it was utter garbage. Undeterred, though, they took another junk science-prompted swipe at e-cigs in August.

E-cigarettes contain chemicals that make some ‘as harmful as normal tobacco’

Well, it seems that the Mail are convinced that e-cigs are highly dangerous, doesn’t it? The clear message is that you should jolly well avoid them like the plague.

Except, of course, when it is the Daily Mail flogging them to you.


Look, DM, it’s great that you’ve joined the e-cig revolution, but wouldn’t it be wise to quit repeating the rantings of pretend scientists in the pocket of big pharma first, eh?

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