I was reminded of “The Final Solution”

David Davis

Driving near Bootle this morning, I spotted a van of “some firm or other” (I can’t remember sadly what – and there was a police car nearby so I couldn’t lift my phone and photograph it) that said on its side:-


Since we have “Fake Charities”, whose site is at http://www.fakecharities.org ,

then perhaps someone should set up a site called


I bet you all 5p that “WORKING  WITH  COMMUNITIES  TO  DELIVER  SOLUTIONS” gets about 100% of its revenue, to a first approximation, from the State.


  1. PRIVATE EYE has or had a column headed “Solutions” where this sort of thing was recorded and held up to ridicule. One for Lord Gnome’s esteemed organ, I think.

    • I have, perhaps wrongly, hardly ever read Private Eye.

      This is because, as a tyro, rookie libertarian in the 70s and 80s, other “conservative minimal-statists” (who I am sure were nice people really – they always seemed to wear nice pinstriped suits and proper silk ties all the time, even all day and night) use to say to me things like…//”as you’ll have just read in your “eye”, so-and-so-says-this-about…(whatever)”// and of course I hadn’t!!!
      I was far to bloody effing busy working for a living and trying to support a car and a house in some Midlands town and then later in London…I just felt I was being made to look stupid, like I was just some worker or other.

      Ought I really to read Private Eye then? Just checking!

  2. JUST OCCURRED to me (as it did to you)
    The EU Motto could be “Working together in Europe’s Final Solution for Democracy” and above its portals, the motto “Einheit macht frei”
    “Unity will make you free”.

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